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Engagement Everywhere
6/20/2016 11:35:35 AM
Engage everywhere to improve everywhere.

Two out of three executives under the age of 35 are frustrated by technology at work, but believe they can be more productive with information sharing, and that better communications will positively impact business growth. Find out how else the digital revolution is impacting midsize businesses.

Building a Borderless Business
6/20/2016 11:34:06 AM
Build a better midsized business without borders.

Empower your employees — through business collaboration and communications solutions like video, audio and web collaboration — to help grow revenues, improve customer loyalty, and boost productivity. Learn more in this white paper.

Critical Capabilities for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure
6/20/2016 11:32:08 AM
Gartner Report: Critical capabilities for your LAN access infrastructure.

Does your wired or wireless LAN access solution have the right capabilities for your enterprise? See how Gartner ranked 14 vendors in six common enterprise use case scenarios in this report.

Bell Centre Case Study: The World’s Third Largest Event Center Scores Big with Fans
6/20/2016 11:29:17 AM
Unlimited, anywhere connectivity for an always-on event center.

To support fan engagement, meet the demands of event organizers and performers, and enhance digital advertising opportunities, Montreal’s Bell Centre turned to a stable, flexible and powerful networking solution from Avaya. Read this case study to learn more.

Customer Engagement: From Interactions to Relationships
6/20/2016 11:25:43 AM
Differentiate your organization through customer engagement.

Improving customer experiences has replaced operational efficiency gains as the top objective in customer care executives’ agendas. This Aberdeen report details how “best-in-class” firms are achieving greater customer retention and annual growth as a result. Discover more in the report now.

6 Critical Trends in Smart Healthcare Technology
6/20/2016 11:22:41 AM
Discover the technological solutions to deliver better patient outcomes.

From patient satisfaction to mobility to security, technology’s role in healthcare is changing rapidly as costs go up and demands of an aging population skyrocket. Explore this infographic to learn the six major trends in smart healthcare you need to know now.

Best Practices for Deploying a Modern, Predictive IVR System
6/8/2016 11:16:34 AM
Automated response systems, or IVRs, are a common source of frustration for customers that must wait to speak with an agent and navigate long menus before finding a resolution. In addition, customer expectations for support have increased. Organizations need to prioritize modernization of their IVR systems, incorporating them into their Omni channel customer experience strategies. This whitepaper by Ovum, a market research firm, provides recommendations on how contact centers can create a more integrated IVR experience that will minimize transfers, improve resolution rates, and gain more satisfied customers.

How Interaction Analytics Reduces Costs, Optimizes Engagements and Provides Rapid ROI
CallMiner Eureka
5/9/2016 9:37:27 AM
Analytics is one of the most powerful technologies available to contact centers. It helps enhance the customer experience across all touch while reducing operating costs, improving agent productivity, and increasing revenue. And it does points while enabling call centers to maintain TCPA, FDCPA and other regulatory compliance. Download the white paper, “How Interaction Analytics Reduces Costs, Optimizes Engagements and Provides Rapid ROI,” to find out how.

Moving Beyond Interaction Analytics to an Omnichannel World
CallMiner Eureka
5/9/2016 9:36:34 AM
Omnichannel is the future of customer service and support. Download the white paper “Moving Beyond Interaction Analytics to an Omnichannel World,” to find out what you can do NOW, to prepare. While speech and interaction analytics have proven invaluable in a multichannel environment, as omnichannel gains prominence, firms will need to understand and embrace Customer Journey Analytics, also referred to as Customer Engagement Analytics.

How Call Centers Can Use Interaction Analytics to Support Compliance with TCPA Changes
CallMiner Eureka
5/9/2016 9:35:27 AM
This guide, “How Call Centers Can Use Interaction Analytics to Support Compliance with TCPA Changes” explains in layman’s terms what the new Telephone Consumer Protection Act rules mean for call centers, their potential impact and how to apply them. Interaction Analytics is a proven resource for helping contact center operators comply with the new prior express consent (PEC) requirements as this white paper will explain.

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