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Getting started with Microsoft Lync
10/14/2014 10:23:50 AM
Companies contemplating a Microsoft Lync implementation need good advice - strategic guidance on how the extensive suite of Lync capabilities can support their unique business model and needs. Lync can provide a very broad range of capabilities, from simple IM and presence to full-blown audio and video conferencing capabilities, web conferencing and more. But taking advantage of the advanced capabilities of Lync requires far more planning than simply switching them on. Like many business decisions facing IT professionals, it's an in-house or out-source, "buy or build" choice: recruit and train employees to bring this specialty on staff, or partner with some combination of vendors, service providers, and system integrators.

This white paper provides recommended steps to a successful Lync implementation — planning ahead, use cases, licensing, training and network readiness.

How Mobile is Transforming Enterprise Customer Experience
9/22/2014 4:08:03 PM
How Mobile is Transforming Enterprise Customer Experience Every day more and more business processes are being transformed by mobile. Customers today demand smooth and efficient experiences throughout the whole customer lifecycle-from the moment they start to look for a product or service to the moment they decide whether to replace it or upgrade. In this paper we describe a more holistic view of customer service, provide real examples of how OpenMarketTM customers have re-engineered specific touch points for mobile engagement, and recommend practical steps for designing new and differentiating experiences that will attract and retain customers.

How CIOs Can Guide the Enterprise to Mobile Success
9/22/2014 4:06:00 PM
How CIOs Can Guide the Enterprise to Mobile Success Consumerization. SaaS. Cloud. BYOD. Mobility. Just five years ago these words would not have described the focus of IT and security professionals. Yet today, CIOs are reckoning with all of these forces, joining executives from across the organization to redefine business processes and innovate new ways of working. In this paper we look at the new, front-line role of IT and security teams, specifically within enterprises using mobile messaging technologies.

Empower Your Agents to Engage your Customers
9/10/2014 3:23:15 PM
The backbone of customer service has always been agent and the contact center. Customer service reps need greater collaboration across departments, better product or service knowledge accessibility, and new methods to deliver an excellent customer experience.
Download the guide to learn how to drive growth and profitability in the contact center by empowering your agents with:
• The right technology and processes
• The right knowledge
• The right level of motivation

Delivering a Frictionless Customer Experience with Service Cloud
9/10/2014 3:22:46 PM
Customers today expect a frictionless and fast experience with your brand. Customer service is playing a pivotal role to help lead this business transformation, enabling all employees to respond to customer expectations.

However, many companies are still struggling to deliver this integrated service experience. In this white paper, learn how salesforce.com’s Service Cloud is leading the shift towards frictionless customer service experience for agents and customers alike. We will take a deep-dive into key features of Service Cloud, including:
• Agent Console
• Reporting & Dashboards
• Queue Support
• Salesforce Communities
• Knowledge

Neustar Delivers with Information, Analytics
9/5/2014 10:22:47 AM
Neustar is a trusted provider of authoritative data – offering a wide array of information and analytics solutions that enable CIOs and marketing staff to leverage both internal and external data to better understand their customers, make business decisions based on more accurate and complete information, and drive new revenues and savings in the process.

Foundations for Delivering Self-Service Profitability and Customer Satisfaction
JD Power
9/5/2014 9:51:43 AM
Improved customer satisfaction and self-service usage can be a difficult goal for contact centers to achieve. In this Strategic solutions Series, Mark Miller, senior director of contact center solutions at J.D. Power, offers guidance to executives who are challenged to deliver both high customer satisfaction and high containment rates.

Challenges of Building Intercloud
9/3/2014 5:59:35 PM
Intercloud is a collection of interoperating clouds that requires connectivity and collaboration among disparate cloud providers. Mature standards are required to facilitate seamless coordination among such cloud networks. As a set of widely accepted standards does not exist yet, an intermediate platform acting as a federation platform among the cloud vendors is necessary. This whitepaper discusses key aspects of such a federation platform that enables Intercloud operability.

Next-Generation Service Assurance in Network Of Clouds
9/3/2014 5:58:54 PM
Traditional service assurance in a data center is mainly focused on collecting fault and performance events from different compute, storage and network elements to manage service quality. With the emergence of SDN, NFV and network of clouds, it is apparent that traditional service assurance framework needs to be reworked to meet the demands of next-generation data centers. This whitepaper discusses key aspects of an orchestrator that enables next-generation service assurance in a network of cloud setup.

Mobile Test Automation Best Practices
9/3/2014 5:58:15 PM
Enterprises face a variety of challenges in taking mobile applications to the market because of complex mobile ecosystem. This comprises a multitude of varying parameters, such as mobile devices, operating systems (OS), browsers, applications, chipsets and software running on networks. This whitepaper discusses the challenges faced in testing mobile applications, test automation that can overcome these challenges and strategies and best practices that can maximize the ROI achieved by automating the testing process.

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