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Cable Technology Feature Article

December 16, 2010

NFL Sunday Ticket Potentially Streaming in 2011

By Chris DiMarco, TMCnet Web Editor

According to a leaked marketing survey DirectTV’s NFL Sunday ticket could potentially becoming to streaming IPTV (News - Alert) devices like GoogleTV, Roku and Boxee. The survey which was uncovered by Engadget HD claims that the expensive seasonal television package which currently goes for $300+ could also be opening itself to weekend access via a $20 Sunday ticket for those with a fear of commitment.

Again this is all currently speculation and thus far there is little that ties the results of the marketing survey directly to any plan of action. Engadget does not have the questions that populated the survey but rather the results alone, making it difficult to extrapolate exactly what it was trying to determine.

There are no TV ready options currently available for the service. Customers have access to the Sunday ticket via web browsers and phones, but moving the service to a more stable TV ready option could corner the market for the less tech-savvy football fan.

Sports have traditionally opened the door for media distribution and this move could signal yet another turning point in the streaming vs. cable service war. DirecTV (News - Alert) has had an exclusive deal on NFL Sunday Ticket for years but the prospect of streaming through any number of enabled devices means money for NFL and easier access for your favorite armchair quarterback. But again this is all speculative as of right now.

Chris DiMarco is a Web Editor for TMCnet. He holds a master's degree in journalism from Quinnipiac University. Prior to joining TMC (News - Alert) Chris worked with e-commerce provider Suresource as a contact center representative and development analyst. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

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