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March 01, 2012

Project Phenix Makes Hollywood Content Portable

By Monica Gleberman, Contributing Writer

Two Hollywood Studios, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros., have teamed up with two digital storage companies to simplify the process of transferring and storing high-definition movies and TV shows. The networks are working together to bring portability to its consumers, as well as, promote the online content.

The new initiative called, “Project Phenix,” will allow movie lovers to save any movie on branded hard drives, flash drives, and other portable storage devices allowing them to be easily transferred to compatible laptops, televisions, tablets, mobile phones, and other electronic devices.

“Developing solutions that will allow consumers to easily access and store true HD digital content is a critical component supporting digital media and entertainment consumption,” said Darcy Antonellis, President of Warner Bros. Technical Operations. “Through the SCSA (Secure Content Storage Association, LLC), we accelerate the development of products that will make it easy for the consumer to download, store and playback their high definition digital movies and TV shows, in full 1080p, on any SCSA-optimized device at home or on the go,” added Antonellis.

Mike Dunn, President of Twentieth Century Fox, said this new project is supposed put the two studios ahead of others in the form of portable technology. “The vision for this new product is to store, play and back up in the cloud personal and professional content. The device renders content up to 10 times faster than over-the-top Internet. We see Project Phenix as a key component of the emerging digital ecosystem,” said Dunn.

Members working together with the SCSA include News Corp (News - Alert).’s Twentieth Century Fox, Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. Entertainment, SanDisk Corp., and Western Digital Corp. News Corp. Together these companies will offer its consumers exclusive content.

“The SCSA will provide consumers with a digital solution for movies and TV shows that is as simple to use as DVD and Blu-ray discs,” said Bert Hesselink, CTO of Western Digital (News - Alert) Branded Products. Hesselink said the content would be available even without an Internet connection. “When owners are on the move with a portable library copy, providing mobile viewing even when a reliable Internet connection is not available, such as a plane, car, train, or remote location [becomes possible].”

The SCSA’s solutions will be designed to work with the industry-backed UltraViolet (UV) technology and will be aimed at being compatible with other future technology. The new Project Phenix plans on releasing items later this year.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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