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Cable Technology Feature Article

March 07, 2012

INOVA Introduces Next-Generation, Cable-Based Land Recording System

By Deepika Mala, TMCnet Contributor

INOVA Geophysical Equipment Limited has recently launched G3i, a powerful, cable-based recording system, which provides support for conducting a wide range of seismic surveys, including high density wide azimuth acquisition for the world's most challenging environments.

Officials said that G3i offers advanced ground electronics, power-down-the-line technology and high productivity vibroseis capabilities. Its highlighting features bring immense benefit to geophysical contractors, including its rugged, aircraft grade aluminum enclosure and high-strength polycarbonate exterior for maximum durability.

G3i supports over 100,000 channels and is capable of capturing 2D, high density 3D and time-lapse 4D data.

With the help of this new cabled land system, seismic players in the industry will be provided with another alternative for cable-based recording that will meet a broad scope of operational demands and allow contractors to achieve a higher rate of return on their assets.

In a press release, Glenn Hauer, Senior Vice President of Product Management, stated, "The technology advancements we've made to this system have been widely driven by our customer needs in the field. For High Productivity Vibroseis operations, we knew our customers needed a high capacity system using power-down-the-line technology to help reduce battery dependency, and with less equipment to transport, crews can work more efficiently during high channel count acquisition. We designed a system that would provide all of this, plus the ability to perform in-field maintenance to the ground electronics quickly and with minimal system downtime; this helps reduce overall operational costs."

Initially, BGP field tested G3i for High Productivity Vibroseis techniques in an oilfield in western China in November of 2011 and then in February of this year. Officials said that both tests were successful in meeting BGP's standards of excellence.

In related news, INOVA Geophysical introduced five new products, designed to infuse greater flexibility into land seismic operations.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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