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Cable Technology Feature Article

March 12, 2012

Time Warner Cable and TechCity Forge Partnership

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

Time Warner (News - Alert) Cable has long been trying to market itself to the business world. The company has always been strong in the consumer market because it is one of the largest cable companies in the world and even if it falls short in certain aspects, there is a position of strength there quite obviously. Time Warner Cable would desperately like to be thought of as a company that can also keep businesses happy and lucrative using its products. 

That is why Time Warner Business Class is teaming with TechCity in order to attract businesses by bringing advanced fiber networks to the Hudson Valley region. TechCity is considered the country's premier commercial real estate development site and is looking to draw a whole host of different businesses into its 258-acre, 2.2 million square-foot TechCity complex. TechCity is located near Kingston, N.Y., and is actively marketing itself as the foremost attraction for companies that have data centers that would like state of the art fiber cable technology.

Time Warner Cable Business Class stepped into the mix by installing fiber network access points at both the north and south ends of the complex. Having these redundant fiber network access points is extremely attractive to companies that run data centers mainly because it shows a heightened level of disaster preparedness. Having this redundancy means that should there be a problem with a datacenter's connection at one point, the connection in other areas will allow the data centers to remain active. 

Alan Ginsberg, chairman of TechCity Properties, Inc., explained further why having these multiple fiber connections points were so attractive. “Fiber connectivity is a critical element in attracting data-dependent operations and data centers to TechCity and the Hudson Valley, creating a redundant system ensures maximum up time and gives TechCity another competitive advantage compared to other sites in the Hudson Valley and New York State.”

Ken Fitzpatrick, president of Time Warner Cable Business Class for the East Region, said, “Our early-on decision to extend our fiber network to TechCity sends a strong signal to the data center industry that this business campus stands prime and ready for immediate occupancy. As the premier telecommunications provider in New York and beyond, we look forward to serving the technology needs of TechCity tenants and businesses throughout the Hudson Valley.”

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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