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Cable Technology Feature Article

March 23, 2012

CAIW Introduces Netadmin Partnership

By Melissa Warner, TMCnet Contributing Writer

In 2011, Netadmin shared that the Dutch company planned to expand services across the Netherlands. One of its newest ventures is joining forces with cable service CAIW with an open management platform. The system will allow for CAIW to run more efficiently while reaching out to more customers.

Working with Netadmin may be beneficial to the growing customer base of CAIW. Netadmin offers knowledge and experience with customers, services, subscriptions and equipment on such open networks. According to Technical Director of CAIW, Ruud Wielaard, Netadmin was recommended based on their experience with Fiber to Home (FTTH) experience.

“Netadmin has implemented network management platforms for many operators across Europe and we were therefore driven to go with their proven software,” he said in a statement. “The efficiency savings and quality gains are demonstrated in projects that are up and running and we therefore see it as essential for the successful growth of our customer base and services.”

The main goal of moving to an open management platform is to allow room for growth while running an efficient, customer-oriented business.

“The Netadmin software is developed from an operator perspective. It simplifies and automates business processes in order to deliver services to the end customer,” Torbjörn Sandberg, CEO of Netadmin said. “From this point it automatically handles the administration of the technical solution in the network. Because the solution has been developed from this perspective, it is extremely effective and a must have in open access conditions.”

Netadmin announced last year that it was changing platforms to enable ISPs for easier management practices. This was first used in the UK to help broadband reach “not-spots.” This same idea will be used with CAIW.

Currently CAIW just reaches across the northern part of the Netherlands, but in the near future with such changes it’s likely their services will extend further. As of March 2012, CAIW boasted 159,000 cable customers and 83,000 Internet users.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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