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May 01, 2012

Time Warner Cable Launches Health on Demand Channel

By Jacqueline Lee, Contributing Writer

In partnership with Gaiam and Cooking Light, Time Warner (News - Alert) Cable has launched a 24-hour Health on Demand channel that will be available to its Digital Cable customers.

“Health on Demand will create a robust destination for anyone seeking tips and recipes for a healthy lifestyle,” said Time Warner Cable President Joan Hogan Gillman, “while allowing advertisers to engage with self-selected health content seekers and maintaining 100 percent share of voice with a responsive television audience.”

Time Warner states that the new Health on Demand offering will give marketers access to a geographically targeted audience of engaged health content seekers. Cooking Light, for instance, will provide segments featuring healthy recipe makeovers and tips for making healthy food choices. Gaiam will produce videos on exercise and stress reduction including Buff Moms, Cardio Weight Loss, Daily Yoga and Pilates Energy.

“We are excited to introduce Gaiam TV to the Time Warner Cable Health on Demand audience,” stated Patricia Karpas, Gaiam TV's Digital Strategy Officer. “Gaiam TV.com offers its subscribers unlimited online access to award-winning workout, yoga and wellness videos, plus inspirational films and personal growth videos. We're thrilled to provide a hand-selected sampling of our videos to Time Warner Cable.”

The Health on Demand channel will provide opportunities for lifestyle and health advertisers to showcase long-form content to target viewers who are the best prospects for purchasing certain products or services. Marketers can target their information into categories including Cooking Light, My Local Health and Get Fit.

Time Warner pledges to provide detailed metrics and insights that will allow advertisers and programmers to track viewership. Customized, multi-platform campaigns will also enable advertisers to work to increase year-round viewership.

“We're excited to partner with Time Warner Cable into this new digital platform because we have great step-by-step video instruction for healthy cooking, and cooking is really the ultimate on-demand activity,” said Cooking Light Editor, Scott Mowbray.

“People cook daily and need inspiration daily--at the time they're trying to figure out what to make for dinner. The Health on Demand channel is the perfect solution.”

The debut of Health on Demand follows the successful re-launch of several on-demand channels including Travel on Demand and Find it On Demand. Both of those channels showed a marked increase in viewership on Time Warner Cable.

Edited by Juliana Kenny

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