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May 02, 2012

TiVUS' Caribbean Operations, a Precursor to Growth?

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet Contributor

After a year-long feasibility study, TiVUS, Inc. is ready to commence its operations in the Caribbean Islands.

TiVUS is a technology entertainment services company that provides IPTV (News - Alert) and content on-demand solutions to hotels worldwide. Its unique HD IPTV system, reportedly the first of its kind, is a complete hotel entertainment platform, and an advertising company for the hotel industry that offers hotels immense potential for generation of revenue through ad-revenue sharing.

Stationed in San Juan, TiVUS expects to use these islands to its advantage by making the TiVUS system available to the numerous hotels and resorts, according to company officials.

"Our research indicated several areas with high concentrations of suitable hotels that exist in a relatively small geographical area, making this area of North America a practical locale in which to expand,” Shiva Prakash, CEO at TiVUS, said in a press release.

The entertainment services company has successfully secured certain content rights to insert all types of ads, appealing to the national audience as well as the individual consumer. Advertising, once regarded as a capital expenditure by the hotel industry, has therefore become a source of significant revenue.

"The hotel industry has embraced the idea of ad-insertion and its resulting revenue, and TiVUS delivers its entire HD IPTV platform supported via local and national advertising," added Prakash.

With the TiVUS Solution combining the best features of television, content-on-demand and the Internet in a pure, end-to-end HD IPTV delivery system, hotel guests and visitors should expect the experience of a ‘home away from home.’

Having completed a site survey in Puerto Rico, Prakash believes TiVUS is heading toward growth into the Greater Antilles, and is confident in announcing new contracts in the near future. The multi-language content and menus of its solution is a great advantage bound to attract travelers from all parts of the world who speak all different languages.

Edited by Braden Becker

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