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May 07, 2012

Warner Cable Launches 24 Hour Health Content

By Kayvon Ghoreshi, TMCnet Contributing Writer

When it comes to the world of television, the relationship of supply and demand is crucial. Some cable companies provide plenty of sports coverage during major sports seasons, while others focus on offering pay per view movies. Time Warner (News - Alert) Cable has recently created a new offering for their Digital Cable customers in the form of Health on Demand.

The new offering is meant to provide a channel for those craving lifestyle health content. Partnering with Warner, in this new offering are Cooking Light and Gaiam TV. Cooking Light, as you would guess, is a brand designed around healthy eating. The programming is similar to the Food Network, only a much more focused on providing healthy recipes and tips to viewers. Gaiam TV on the other hand is more of the fitness half of the health equation. Their programming will consist of exercise and stress relief content with things like yoga and Pilates.

 Advertisers have also shown their interest in Warner’s new on Demand offering. Advertisers will be able to concentrate their products and services towards people that may genuinely be interested in health and fitness. If a person is paying to view health related content, there’s a greater chance they’ll be interested in your health related products, opposed to someone watching a football game. Other Warner On Demand campaigns such as Travel on Demand and Find it on Demand have already had success in the past, making Health on Demand another likely success, given the rise in popularity of the health niche.

"We're always looking to provide our customers with the opportunity to explore and find new offerings from local advertisers while enabling advertisers to reach their key audiences," commented Joan Hogan Gillman, president of Time Warner Cable Media. "Health on Demand will create a robust destination for anyone seeking tips and recipes for a healthy lifestyle while allowing advertisers to engage with self-selected heath content seekers and maintaining 100 percent share of voice with a responsive television audience."

Health on Demand won’t be the last On Demand offering from Warner, but it will be interesting to see the approach taken in its initial programming as well as the strategy and effectiveness of its advertisers.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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