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May 09, 2012

Time Warner Cable Selects Ruckus Wireless as Advanced Smart Wi-Fi Equipment Supplier

By Calvin Azuri, TMCnet Contributor

Time Warner (News - Alert) Cable, Inc. recently selected Ruckus Wireless to install advanced, Smart Wi-Fi equipment.  The equipment will be used in expanding Time Warner's broadband services to a wider mobile subscriber base. Ruckus Wireless (News - Alert) is a well-known source of advanced wireless systems for the mobile Internetworking market.

With a customer base of more than 15 million, Time Warner Cable will use the Ruckus 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi systems across public venues and across select outdoor locations. 

"Subscribers now expect their broadband services to be accessible wherever they go, and Wi-Fi is a great way to make this happen – if it's fast and reliable,” said Mike Roudi, Senior Vice President of Mobile Services at Time Warner Cable. “More and more, Wi-Fi is about data consumption on wireless-only smart devices. The problem is finding Wi-Fi technology specifically designed for stringent carrier requirements.”

Ruckus and Time Warner Cable are currently collaborating over the deployment of dual-band, outdoor, strand-mounted Wi-Fi access points, which integrate a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem for ensuring backhauling Wi-Fi traffic over the existing cable plant of Time Warner Cable.  

"Time Warner Cable clearly understands the strategic importance of Wi-Fi for carriers and is one of the more aggressive players in the wireless land grab currently underway,” said Selina Lo (News - Alert), President and CEO at Ruckus Wireless. “The expansion of Wi-Fi into millions of homes, offices and public Wi-Fi hotspots, along with the growth of a vast and mature ecosystem built of thousands of devices has established Wi-Fi as the most heavily used wireless technology in the world."

Smartphones and high-powered laptops have different requirements with respect to power, antennas and support for IP-based streaming video, or the constantly changing angle of devices.

Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi addresses these demands effectively as it routes Wi-Fi signals toward the most optimized signal paths via a patented adaptive antenna technology.

“Ruckus is one of the few Wi-Fi suppliers we've found with such a focus, having developed a range of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi products based on high reliability and pervasive performance,” Roudi added. “This is important to Time Warner Cable as we build our wireless infrastructure to give customers the best broadband experience possible, no matter where they are."

Edited by Braden Becker

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