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May 17, 2012

Fizziology Unveils SocialDensity, a New Social Media Analytics for TV

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

Fizziology uses real-time information from social media to provide meaningful business insights and now the company has designed a new social media analytics for television – SocialDensity, a new tool that can quantify the value of TV shows beyond ratings.

SocialDensity measures the influence, sharing and anticipation that can’t be assessed by ratings alone, and for advertisers and networks they also wanted to know about the social impact of each program to provide better services to their target audiences. A ratings methodology offers a numerical representation of viewership of a show and similarly SocialDensity employs a methodology that offers a representation of a show’s volume and sentiment.

For example, last year’s newest sitcoms, Fox’s “New Girl” and CBS’s “Two Broke Girls” reportedly received high ratings but only one of them impacted audiences beyond ratings and advertisers, for that show reaped huge benefits. Fizziology claimed that its technology is to analyze the social impact a TV show has on the audience and share that case study with interested brands, agencies and networks for a limited time. Unlike thin social listening dashboards, Fizziology uses real people in the analytics process to ensure an extremely high level of accuracy in the analysis and to unearth deeper insights.

Fizziology asserted that from entertainment and sports to politics and brands, Fizziology helps marketing and research decision makers understand the social impact of a show has on sales, advertising and customer experience as well as industry-specific factors.

Officials with Fizziology stated that, in this day and age when anything and everything can be measured, they believe SocialDensity will provide immediate analytical value. Not all ratings points are created equal. That’s why there is a premium cost-per-point on ‘hot’ shows. SocialDensity’s scores can be layered on top of traditional ratings to provide a new, smarter way to buy and sell television ads.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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