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May 22, 2012

Motorola Previews Its Upcoming Medios TV Experience Called DreamGallery

By Mike Lata, TMCnet Contributor

Motorola Mobility has a new interactive TV experience in store for viewers called the DreamGallery. The company will be showcasing this technology at booth #733 at the Cable Show in Boston, MA.

According to a press release, DreamGallery will be launching in the United States sometime later this year. This service will be a feature in Motorola's (News - Alert) TV cloud service, called Motorola Medios. The company aims to personalize the viewing experience for TV consumption with this platform, and DreamGallery will take it a step further.

DreamGallery will include an on-screen display with the dynamic ability for browsing content. Visual search tools and graphics will be included. It will also come packed with recommendations that are tailored to each user's individual tastes.

“DreamGallery lets you fly through hundreds of channels in seconds,” the release states. “No more searching, and searching … and searching. You can store all of your favorite content in one place for easy access. Simply select and bookmark your favorite content—just like you do on the Web.”

TV channels and on-demand videos will also be integrated into the Medios and DreamGallery services. DreamGallery is based on cloud and HTML5 implementations. It will also offer connectivity and compatibility across multiple devices – from smartphones to tablets and Internet-connected TV sets.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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