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September 27, 2011

Showtime Goes Social

By Michelle Amodio, TMCnet Contributor

Just in time for all of you Dexter fans with iPads, Showtime just released its Showtime Social app that will allow you to chat about the latest while simultaneously watching your favorite shows.

This app is geared towards the TV lover who enjoys commentary along with their viewing experience. Fans can share their excitement or disgust as the app aggregates all content from Facebook (News - Alert), Twitter and blogs. If that weren’t enough, fans can also chat in live discussions during episodes.

Showtime viewers who are live tweeting and posting to Facebook in real time while they are watching their favorite series can enjoy a more tactile experience. As an alternative to typing their reactions in the community layer, users will be able to touch and select the options that they feel. The feature makes it easy to react at any time during the episode without distracting from the viewing experience and gives viewers an opportunity to react instantly at any time during the episode.

Consumers can watch in-depth behind the scenes features, browse photo galleries, view the latest episode previews, movie trailers, custom webisodes and sample full episodes. When the user wants to watch video, the navigation simply fades away, allowing viewers to enjoy content from some of their favorite shows like Dexter, Weeds and The Borgias.

The app also includes a sortable schedule for Showtime programming and provides the ability to set program tune-in reminders. It also provides information about how to order Showtime, and links directly to the website the provider selected by a user.

Showtime worked with a third-party developer on the social app over the course of several months, according to Multichannel. The iPad app is available in the Apple iTunes App Store.

Also this week in Showtime app news, social entertainment app Miso has teamed up with Showtime to launch its first second-screen experience that’s synchronized with a specific TV show. “Dexter,” which begins its sixth season this Sunday, is the first show to have detailed synchronization with Miso.

Through Miso, you’ll be able to vote on polls that ask who you think Dexter’s next victim might be; share the latest pithy quote from Dexter’s sister Debra; and receive notifications when your friends tune in to the show. All of this takes place while the show is airing and turns TV watching into a social activity.

Michelle Amodio is a TMCnet contributor. She has helped promote companies and groups in all industries, from technology to banking to professional roller derby. She holds a bachelor's degree in Writing from Endicott College and currently works in marketing, journalism, and public relations as a freelancer.

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