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Cable Technology Feature Article

June 26, 2008

Aktino Repeater Enables Carriers to Shatter 50 Mbps Loop Distance Limitations

By Arun Satapathy, TMCnet Contributor

Aktino (News - Alert) unveiled a repeater of its bonded copper equipment that doubles the reach of high-bandwidth backhaul and Ethernet services capacity, enabling bandwidth of more than 50 Mbps over eight copper pairs to as far as 24,000 feet from the central office. The new repeater will be available later this summer.
By placing the Aktino repeater at the midpoint of the span, ILECs can have higher bandwidths to remote copper-fed DSLAMs, cell sites, and business customers.
The repeater allows carriers to serve a footprint far larger than the typical 12,000-foot-radius Carrier Serving Area (CSA), the standard reference for copper-based services. It broadens the effective CSA from a circle of 16 square miles to a circle of 64 square miles, a four-fold increase.
With the new repeater, Aktino will be able to deliver high bandwidth throughout the CSA by using its asymmetric transmission, coupled with its MIMO on DMT (News - Alert) technology for high per-pair bandwidth. The asymmetric approach enables carriers to tailor their bandwidth to customer needs, and with the new repeater, the reach of that bandwidth is vastly expanded.
“Typically, as you extend reach, the per-pair bandwidth rate decreases, but with the new Aktino repeater, this effect is mitigated,” said Lonnie Martin, CEO of Aktino. “This makes it possible for service providers to implement a network-wide service delivery strategy, rather than be limited to the traditional CSA service territory.”
The line-powered repeater is suited for outdoor use and will be available for the eight-pair Ethernet product family initially. It uses the MIMO on DMT technology. The repeater will address service providers’ increasing demand for products that cost-effectively address the needs of long-reach backhaul applications, as well as to extend the coverage area for Ethernet services.
Earlier this month, the company said that it will achieve bandwidth of 100 Mbps over 16 copper pairs for DS3 and Ethernet-based backhaul and other applications. The 100 Mbps capacity covers the entire CSA using asymmetric transmission, and shorter reaches with symmetric transmission. Aktino’s planned 16-pair version of the repeater will double the reach of concerned industry’s capacity to 30,000 feet.
“Performance like this, over such a huge area, truly puts Aktino in a league of its own in terms of the ability to provide network-wide service delivery,” Martin said.
Arun Satapathy is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Arun’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

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