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October 16, 2008

Comcast Turns to SevOne to Reduce Performance Management Costs

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor

SevOne, a company focused on network and application performance management tools and solutions, announced today that Comcast (News - Alert) has standardized on its application and performance management solution, PAS.

By making the choice to go with the SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (PAS), Comcast not only will be better equipped to adapt to the changing market, this implementation displaced the largest legacy performance management application vendor in the industry.
“SevOne was, conservatively, 25 percent of the investment we had already made in our legacy provider," said Jeff Gill, director of network surveillance for Comcast, in a Thursday statement.

"Based on the success of the proof of concept and its ability to respond and successfully adapt to our demanding service provider environment, the decision for executive management to move forward with SevOne was easy,” added Gill.

Comcast has built a reputation by providing interactive video, online content and digital voice solutions throughout the U.S. Its residential and business customers depend on Comcast to deliver exceptional standards of infrastructure availability and performance.

The company maintains 40 different regional area networks, which are made up of tens of thousands of network devices throughout the country. There are 15 technical service centers working behind the scenes of regional and local call centers to ensure that the Comcast network is up and running without interruption, providing a high level of service delivery.

The SevOne distributed PAS solution enables Comcast performance data stored at the national performance operations center to be accessed at the regional or local level. This ensures that those who most need this information have easy access to it.

Gill explained, "Before the SevOne installation, we were in a classic spoke and wheel support scenario. If one of our regional technicians needed to access performance data, they would have to contact the national performance operations center and ask them to run a report, which was a slow and tedious process for resolving service issues.”

“With SevOne's PAS solution, our regional technical support teams now have instant access to locally based, real-time reports. SevOne is helping us to shift the traditional model for proactive service investigation from the operations center to specific regions where the disruptions are actually taking place," Gill added.

With this implementation, Comcast can now affordably monitor the performance of its entire service infrastructure with enhanced device-level visibility. As such, IT staff can set performance thresholds and device-level alerts at any geographic location, before events can degrade network availability. In addition, Comcast is able to initiate and receive a report on the status of network devices within seconds instead or hours.

"In the competitive entertainment environment, delays in accessing network device information can result in continued service disruptions and possible customer loss," said Michael Phelan, president of SevOne, in the Thursday statement.

"Our solutions are focused on delivering device-level visibility and optimum management control needed to support and maintain today's most demanding network environments, regardless of the industry,” added Phelan.

SevOne has achieved a significant win with Comcast. This is a well-known, nation-wide service provider, and SevOne’s ability to lower Comcast’s investment in its performance and application management is significant.

The fact that service quality is so important to subscribers, Comcast had to put a high standard on its choice in partners. Considering that this implementation lowered cost by 75 percent, SevOne should be able to open other new doors. SevOne’s ability to perform in this environment will enable the company to better position itself in competitive positions and in the overall market.
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Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for eastbiz.com. To read more of Susan's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michelle Robart