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Cable Technology Feature Article

November 13, 2008

DISH Networks Debuts DTVPal DVR Digital-to-Analog Converter Box

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

DISH Networks has released the DTVPal DVR Digital to Analog converter box. The company claims that this is the only converter that also has provisions to record digital videos.
DISH Network also provides customers with HD and DVR technology including the ViP722 HD DVR, which received the Editors' Choice awards from both CNET and PC Magazine.
"The DTVPal DVR is the first product of its kind in the converter box market, and gives consumers not only the benefit of receiving digital and high definition signals, but also brings their TV experience to a new level with the ability to record up to 150 hours of standard definition or up to 30 hours of high definition programming," said Tom Stingley, executive vice president of Sales and Distribution for DISH Network. "Now consumers who watch over-the-air programming don't have to be tied to their TV schedules, but rather can enjoy their favorite shows at their leisure, on their time."
The new converter makes use of the same technology employed in the ViP722 HD DVR suite for recording and watching digital programs at the user’s convenience. The DTVPal DVR also allows for viewing HD programming over-the-air in addition to standard definition digital programming, providing access to the best resolution available from local stations.
CNET reviewed the product and stated that it had an excellent electronic program guide, with several days worth of data. Officials at DISH say that the big deal about this DTV box is that it doubles as an HD DVR that will record over-the-air programming. The hard drive will pack in 30 hours of HD or 150 hours of standard-def, and includes all of the other fun capabilities, such as a 7-day program guide, parental controls, and closed captioning, without a monthly fee.
The U.S. is scheduled to switch over to digital broadcast soon and the digital-to-analog converter box will help consumers to catch up with that transition.
While the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) haven’t authorized the DTVPal DVR for its coupon program due to the box's enhanced features, DISH Network has instituted an instant rebate that saves consumers an additional $10 over the $40 coupon value. The DTVPal DVR retails for $299, but with the rebate is $249 - a savings of $50.
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