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Cable Technology Feature Article

May 27, 2009

Cicoil Unveils Durable Silicone Jacketed Ribbon Cables

By Shireen Dee, TMCnet Contributor

Cicoil, a manufacturer of high-flex silicone jacketed cables, recently announced the availability of its new high performance ribbon cable.
For use in electronics applications which are put to work in rigorous conditions, the new product compares favorably to ordinary PVC jacketed ribbon cables, with greater flexibility, broader temperature range handling and other environmental capabilities.
Cicoil’s silicone jacketed ribbon cables operate in higher temperature variance in the range of -65°F to 260°F whereas traditional cables operate in between -20°F to +80°F. The cable is also characterized by being resistant to acids, oil, alcohol, ozone, steam, radiation and is also water proof.
Its outgassing specifications meet NASA rating for space applications. The Cicoil ribbon cable has 42 American Wire Gauge base strands, in place of the 32-36 AWG base strands which common cables have in their wire and this provides extreme suppleness, ultra-flexibility, with a minimum bend radius of just 0.4 inch.
The ribbon cable is alternatively called the Insulation Displacement Connectors cable as it is built to work directly with the connectors and is utilized in areas where simple flat cable signal connections are required. IDC (News - Alert) cables have standardized dimensions, and the wire spacing stands at .050” for the English version or 1mm in the metric version.
Cicoil’s ribbon cables achieve uniform strength, flexibility and clarity by being built with High Flex 28 AWG, tinned copper wire and also incorporate the unique Cicoil silicone extrusion process. Each and every Cicoil ribbon cables meets the standard dimensions and is completely compatible with any IDC connector.
The unique advantages which Cicoil’s ribbon cables provide are unmatched flexibility by use of ultra flex tinned copper wire and flexible silicone. This also adds up to providing a bend radius to miniscule values as 1/4” for flexing applications and the cables can be folded over for usage in static applications. The average life rating for Cicoil’s ribbon cables is above 10 million cycles in case of flexing applications and this imparts a high degree of reliability. The cables are also compliant with the UL-94 vertical flame standard and are fire resistant apart from complying to other fire standards as well.
Cicoil is into the designing and manufacturing high performance cable assemblies. Cicoil’s cables are used in applications involving commercial aircraft, military jet fighters, semiconductor equipment and space shuttles. Cicoil’s quality assurance system is ISO 9001 (AS9100) standard compliant.

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Shireen Dee is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Shireen's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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