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Cable Technology Feature Article

August 06, 2009

Digital Utilities Set to Create Hybrid of New Last Mile and Peer-To-Peer Solution

By Jai C.S., TMCnet Contributor

Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc, announced recently that the company is in terms of discussion with a specialist in P2P solutions to integrate its software with DUTV's unique compression system in order to enable a virtual cable television network.
Digital Utilities is a company that acts as a virtual cable company to deliver live programs from anywhere in the world over the Internet directly to TV audiences and Cell Phone subscribers.
By deploying a compression system, Digital Utilities is said to deliver programs to the television viewer using less than 1 megabit of the Internet as the backbone to the television set, thus resulting in high resolution programming. The object is to synergize the delivery capabilities of both platforms to dramatically increase broadband availability as the answer to the challenge of explosive content growth.
With this, DUTV can deliver live programming of broadcast quality from anywhere in the world over the Internet directly to TV sets without the aid of computers that are IP ready, by simply using existing broadband connections, and to cell phones worldwide via WIFI, mobile telephone switching office 3G networks, and the emerging next generation 4G WIMAX, and to all with a unique patent-pending  compression system that uses under 1 megabit of the Internet as the backbone to the television set and 150 kilobits to the cell phone.
Digital Utilities official clarified that in a P2PTV System, each user, while downloading a video stream, is simultaneously also uploading that stream to other users, thus contributing to the overall available bandwidth.
"I can't think of a better solution for the major content and network providers. Our analysis shows that, when properly managed and combined with our Last Mile (News - Alert) Compression System, this type of hybrid platform becomes a major add on to existing networks to maximize their current bandwidth," said Garry McHenry, president at Digital Utilities Ventures.

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Jai C.S. is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Jai's articles, please visit his columnist page.

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