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Cable Technology Feature Article

September 10, 2009

Broadcom Announces New Multi-Format HD Euro/DOCSIS 2.0 Compatible STB SoC Solutions

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

Equipment manufactures can now make use of the new single chip, multi-format set-top box System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solutions from Broadcom (News - Alert) to develop advanced, high performance, cost effective HD set top boxes. These SoC solutions are stated to be DOCSIS 2.0/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 compatible.

Broadcom is a dealer in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications. The company has stated that their version of EuroDOCSIS based silicon solution is for both headend and subscriber locations that support advanced line rate speeds in upstream and downstream directions for hybrid-fiber cable networks.

According to a company press release, Broadcom’s new set-top box chip enables MSOs to utilize DOCSIS 2.0 for high-speed, two-way set-top communications, including Internet protocol (IP) video services. The company had already enabled high speed STB communications by integrating their chip with downstream channel bonding which combines several DOCSIS channels together to significantly increase data rates when compared to today’s cable modem solutions.

The company’s new Broadcom BCM7019 and BCM7025 cable STB are packed with high host processor performance, 3D graphics, dual integrated 866MHz cable tuners and integrated Euro/DOCSIS 2.0 compatible modems with 3.0 channel bonding over 4 downstream channels. These new STBs can be deployed in apps that make use of Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), Open TV, NDS (News - Alert) CDI, SeaChange TV Navigator, Adobe Flash Platform for the Digital Home, Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA(R)), RVU Remote User Interface (RUI), and PacketCable(R) voice over IP (VoIP).

Both the BCM7019 and BCM7025 feature support for the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Interoperability Guidelines to facilitate the easy sharing of digital content between DLNA-enabled devices, allowing a seamless experience for sharing and enjoying digital media and content services throughout the home.

Broadcom has claimed that by using these solutions service providers can offer the latest in connectivity, HDTV programming and advanced 3D user interfaces to their subscribers while significantly reducing power requirements, complexity and overall bill of materials (BOM) cost.

In the release, Dan Marotta, senior vice president and general manager of Broadcom's Broadband Communications Group said the company continues to set the benchmark in integration, performance and connectivity in the home, enabling advanced services such as interactivity, 3D user interfaces and multi-room DVR capabilities using MoCA 1.1 technology that greatly enhances the cable TV entertainment experience. And with unprecedented levels of integration, including an integrated DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 modem, the company can help deliver HQ HD programming that can transform the way consumers interact and share content at home.

Broadcom recently added Cross-Talk cancellation to Line Termination reference design -- and Zinwell (News - Alert) opted for Broadcom’s SoC solution to enhance users' TV experience.

Nathesh is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Nathesh's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Patrick Barnard