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Cable Technology Feature Article

December 01, 2009

OKI Electric Cable and Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Joint Venture

By Jyothi Mahalingham, TMCnet Contributor

OKI (News - Alert) Electric Cable and Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Ltd. has announced the development of a new type of fiber optic cable with implanted connector for power connection. The technology is based on their experience in producing large diameter H-OCF type of optical fiber cables and type PN connectors utilized in factory automation, or “FA,” and railway cars.
The newly developed optical fiber with power supply utility can be cost effectively made into compact terminal units for use in security cameras and operational monitoring cameras in automotive units. The new embedded optic fiber cables will be available for commercial use from April 2010.
Takashi Hattori, President of OKI Electric Cable said that the company’s announcement marks a breakthrough in the industry : an optical fiber cable with a built-in power supply function.
“The product's original design enables it to achieve the same form and size as a conventional optical cable, while additionally delivering enhanced cable durability and providing a power supply,” Hattori said. “All of this would not have been possible without the partnership we have built with JAE.”
The developed cable structure comprises a unique hollow conductor with which slender wire conductors that are pressure-welded into the pipe within the normally used two core H-PCF fiber core wire and the jacket.
Planting of the core fiber wire within the jacket offers protection and enables power supply activity. Further the connector has been modified by accommodating a hollow conductor in the traditional F07 type metal ferrule. The power supply in the structure occurs by contact through terminal and joint parts. The tip of the ferrule that protrude the connector case is insulated using plastic to avert short-circuit.
Currently there is a growing need to use monitors and security cameras. The automotive industry is looking for system with capability to bring in high-speed and high-precision monitoring features. The existing sophisticated traffic systems could not exploited fully due to power supply limitations.
What’s more, the existing monitors and camera systems require power till the end of the camera system, thus needing power supply for the functioning of the camera as well as to the cable wire carrying signal.
Yasutaka Akiyama, president of Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, said that the company is excited about this first joint product with OKI Electric Cable.
“This new hybrid connector has a worldwide standardized from factor, and makes it possible to save space and cost for our customers because it can replace two separate systems, fiber optic and power supply,” Akiyama added.
OKI Electric Cable and Japan Aviation Electronics Industry are expected to work together to expand into innovative markets.

Jyothi Mahalingham is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Jyothi's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Kelly McGuire