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Cable Technology Feature Article

January 12, 2010

IneoQuest's IQDialogue SDV Server Taken up by Canadian Switched Digital Video Market

By Calvin Azuri, TMCnet Contributor

IneoQuest (News - Alert) Technologies has announced that the “entire Canadian switched digital video market” is now using its IQDialogue SDV Server to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot SDV networks.
IneoQuest’s technology helps Canadian carriers to maximize operational efficiency and provide superior quality of service to subscribers, according to the company.
SDV optimizes the utilization of the cable physical plant by allowing for the transmission of a variety of programming for subscribers while effectively managing bandwidth.
SDV uses special control signals to deliver programs to viewers as they request them, freeing up bandwidth for more digital and high-definition channels, as well as high-speed Internet. Canada’s SDV cable providers turned to IneoQuest’s IQDialogue SDV to analyze the performance of the SDV service delivery platform. Such analysis will allow for adequate provisioning of switched video and also ensure program availability for all regions at any time.
IQDialogue SDV probes are vendor-agnostic. It is possible to deploy these probes at any point in the cable network to monitor control signaling between viewers, servers and diverse devices across the network, providing end-to-end correlation and capturing overall network health.
IQDialogue SDV probes can audit, measure and alarm on many metrics such as SDV boot-up, channel change timing, control plane signaling, SDV mini-carousel and many other parameters. In addition, the real-time interface of IQDialogue SDV probes helps technicians to perform quick and accurate fault identification for efficient troubleshooting. Also, all transactions are logged individually to an SQL database for reporting and auditing purposes.
IneoQuest’s SDV family of products will also provide trend reporting abilities if there is a need for further engineering analysis. At the headend or network operations center, IneoQuest’s iDMS management system will consolidate the views of multiple regional probes. Performance will be summarized over time by the IQDialogue Reporting & Analytics Engine. When these solutions are combined, providers will be able to identify systematic issues and improve network performance.
According to Gino Dion, vice president of strategic solutions at IneoQuest, SDV technology enables forward-thinking cable providers to offer cutting-edge services to subscribers.
Along with bringing advancements to the industry, SDV technology also brings in a number of challenges. For example, SDV’s open architecture can limit its availability, scalability and performance. However, IneoQuest’s family of products for SDV helps alleviate these hurdles. The comprehensive, multi-dimensional video quality management systems from IneoQuest Technologies enable revenue assurance through the seamless delivery of digital video by reducing video defects and operational expenses, improving ROI and increasing profits.

Calvin Azuri is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Calvin’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri