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Cable Technology Feature Article

January 26, 2010

huperLab Selects Conexant Video Surveillance Products for DVR Server Boards

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

Conexant, a supplier of semiconductor solutions for imaging, audio, embedded modem, and video surveillance applications, announced that its video surveillance products will be powering huperLab’s digital video recorder, or “DVR,” server boards.
huperLab’s huperVision 4000 DSS Server Board Gaia Series will combine Conexant’s CX25853 and CX25821 video solutions and an Intel (News - Alert) Atom processor for providing powerful video optimization and compression on DVR video surveillance systems.
According to huperLab officials, the huperVision 4000 DSS Server Board is capable of digitalizing the pictures taken by analog cameras with less than 60 watts of power consumption and it can process the images of 16 cameras at maximum. The processed images are taken to PC display using PCIe interface for display, analysis, and/or recording.
Running with huperVision 4000 surveillance software suite, the Gaia DSS Server Board not only provides up to 16CH D1 real-time video display and rich intelligent surveillance features, but enables the connections of both CCTV and IP cameras to the newly-built or existing surveillance system. The server boards are capable of offering rich video analytics and CMS features to meet market demands.

Conexant has stated that their 8 channel video decoder CX25853 and CX25821 media bridges provide multi-channel and bi-directional uncompressed digital audio and video transfer to PC for processing.
René Hartner, the vice president of marketing for Conexant System has stated that they are extremely privileged to be selected by the Taiwan based firm huperLab. Conexant is looking forward to have long term business relationship with huperLab in providing unique solutions for delivering high performance products at low cost.
The General Manager of huperLab, Albert Yang has mentioned that they found that Conexant’s products are best suited for their needs after doing a complete analysis and testing on Conexant’s products. The combination of Conexant’s low-power solutions and Intel’s powerful Atom processor enabled them to deliver a new family of cost-effective server boards with market-leading performance, while minimizing the impact on the environment.
Recently, Conexant unveiled Low-power encoder and Virage Logic announced joint marketing agreement with Conexant.

Nathesh is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Nathesh's articles, please visit his columnist page.

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