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Cable Technology Feature Article

February 09, 2010

RCDb Integrates Web Services & Metadata Software into Cable Platform

By Raja Singh Chaudhary, TMCnet Contributor

Related Content Database, or “RCDb,” a provider of software and network services that integrate and extend a broad range of public and private Internet Web services to consumer electronics devices, has launched an integration of its Web services and metadata software platform with a tru2way enabled cable set-top-box. 

In this offering, the company has integrated Web services powered by the RCDb platform in Blu-ray environments to another Java, GEM (News - Alert) based environment such as tru2way. It will help the service providers in leveraging the software platform, content and vendor ecosystem that is currently being deployed by Hollywood studios for Blu-ray disc and BD Live feature development. The solution will also enable the content providers to leverage the same technical solution in quickly and easily bringing their content and network services to both Blu-ray and cable mediums at the same time. 

The company has been offering fundamental infrastructure, products and services that power the Blu-ray content owners, Web services developers and connected devices manufacturers in efficiently building compelling value added services. In its new solution, RCDb has includes new features such as live e-commerce purchasing of soft and hard goods, live movie database interaction with IMDb and Gracenote, and live interaction with social media networks Twitter and Facebook (News - Alert). The solution also provides scene-by-scene content metadata so that the tru2way application developers can offer enhanced value added services in a rapid manner. 

According to Zane Vella, CEO at RCDb, the platform bridges the gap between the world of Web services, whose APIs, data formats and business logic are always changing very fast, and the world of connected devices, which are governed by rules of software stability, longer product development cycles and harsh computing environment constraints. 

In the words of Yasushi Nishimura, Director, iDCR Software Center at Panasonic (News - Alert), the company excited to be working with RCDb and to have the opportunity to showcase the technology in its tru2way set-top box. Nishimura continued that Panasonic’s cable industry customers are always looking at ways to leverage innovations to enhance their platforms and services, and the fast integration of services is critical for cable operators at a time when the Web is advancing rapidly. 

September last year, RCDb and Videon Central had reportedly entered a partnership to accelerate the development and deployment of networked applications on Internet connected Blu-ray Disc players. The two companies had pre-integrated their software solutions to offer a complete reference design to Blu-ray Disc player manufacturers, which enabled a Blu-ray Disc player to dynamically load and unload applications and connect with a flexible, updateable set of third party services and content offerings controlled by the player manufacturers and their retail partners.

Raja Singh Chaudhary is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Raja's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Kelly McGuire