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Cable Technology Feature Article

February 17, 2010

Man Equips Homemade Igloo with Cable, Flat Screen TV

By Kelly McGuire, TMCnet Editor

With unemployment rates as high as they are, people out of work tend to go a bit stir crazy with lack of professional duties and extra time spending their days searching for jobs.
For some, the time can even seem wasteless. But for Jimmy Grey, a 25 year old who has been unemployed for a year, he decided to turn the worst of situations into a project to keep his mind busy and hands away from the remote control.
So on New Year’s Day, Grey set out to his family’s yard in Aquilla, Ohio, to construct what he dubbed as an “igloo.”
The finished project – about 30 miles east of Cleveland – has four rooms, six foot ceilings and a fully stocked entertainment room. He’s also run wires for cable into his creation and set up surround-sound stereo.
But, keeping true to igloo form, the arena, made of ice and snow, Grey said it’s a perfect hang out with friends.
Snow or no snow – sounds more like a guest house than an igloo to me.

Kelly McGuire is a TMCnet Web editor, covering CRM and workforce technologies, and anchor of its daily TMC Newsroom video broadcast. Kelly also writes about eco-friendly "green" technologies and smart grids, compiling TMCnet's weekly e-Newsletters on those topics, as well as the cable industry. To read more of Kelly's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Kelly McGuire