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Cable Technology Feature Article

March 05, 2010

M2 Optics Unveils Optical Fiber Testing Platform, Fiber Lab 800HE

By Shamila Janakiraman, TMCnet Contributor

M2 Optics announced the release of a ruggedized version of its FiberLab testing platform, the Fiber Lab 800HE.
Company sources said this platform is most suitable for applications where rough handling and harsh conditions are common like in field and laboratory testing, manufacturing environments, and military systems.
The platform will be available for customization with pre-configured flaws in the fiber in order to support CATV and telecom test equipment training.
The Fiber Lab 800HE Fiber optics system testing needs long fibers for replicating field installations. Usually in lab practices a loose spool of connector-terminated fiber is used. However this results in erratic behavior owing to common fiber and connector damage during handling.
The Fiber Lab series of testing platforms ensures a protective enclosure which also encompasses fiber and panel-mounted optical connectors. This prevents damage and also facilitates handling. The enclosure reduces the space needed for fiber-based tests besides maintaining a steady platform.
In a release, Kevin Miller, vice president of marketing at M2 Optics said, “The new 800HE takes the Fiber Lab concept to the next level.
Miller also added that the Fiber Lab offers maximum durability to protect the fragile and valuable fiber inside during the roughest handling. This makes it a perfect solution for military applications, equipment leasing companies, training facilities and any application where heavy use and potential fiber damage can be expected, he emphasized.
The new 800HE is also available in custom configurations like other members of the Fiber Lab series, said company sources. It allows customers to select their preferred choice in fiber type and manufacturer, any length up to 25km, and connector type with any angle polish. The enclosure design features a latchable protective cover, carry handle and more storage space for patch cords and other fiber optic accessories.
M2 Optics will be offering the 800HE in special configurations for CATV and telecom training purposes. The training configurations include fiber with fusion splices, mechanical splices, and/or connectors at customer-specified locations along the fiber.
In the lab, students will have an opportunity to use the defects in the platform to practice their skills with equipment like the optical time delay reflectomers or OTDRs by employing well-defined repeatable test subjects.
The company specializes in providing custom optical fiber solutions for test and connectivity applications. It caters to the testing needs of global telecom, CATV and networking equipment manufacturers and providers.

Shamila Janakiraman is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Shamila’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri