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Cable Technology Feature Article

May 24, 2010

Cost-Effective GenosTV Replaces Traditional Cable and Satellite Service

By Calvin Azuri, TMCnet Contributor

Rob Shambro, CEO of GenosTV, recently decided to dissect the "AlternativeTV" market. Genos, reportedly ranked as the world's first broadband cable TV network, made a decision to dissect the players and their offerings because of many false impressions in this space.

Internet Protocol Television comes in three kinds such as Live TV, time shifted programming and video on demand. IPTV (News - Alert) delivers television programs to the households through a broadband connection by using internet protocols. Most IP media comes under the category of video on demand and content generated via internet. Most of the players are trying to obtain this media in order to use it on the TV.

You can obtain the video from the Internet and play it on the TV in many ways. First method is you can set the computer near the TV and connect both video and audio outputs to that of the TV.  Second method is by making use of the extender. You can obtain the extender for Windows Media Center on the Media Center Edition, Vista and Windows 7.  Users can connect a computer to a network and an authorized device like the XBOX360, Linksys (News - Alert) DMA, Samsung Media Live and the HP MediaSmart.  The end user has to choose at the computer level.

A lot of TV service providers and hardware manufacturers offer the GoogleTV platform. It is available in the form of a separate box or integrated into TVs and other provider boxes.  The service offers two things such as indexing your stored media and provides the facility to search the subscribed channels available via cable provider, YouTube (News - Alert) and other web content. 

Rob Shambro said, "You buy the Genos box for under $100 after the company's launch at CES Jan., 2011.  You connect the box to your TV and broadband Internet.  You sign up.  You pick your language.  You pick your channels, which run between 2-3 dollars per month.  Then you THANK THE BOX", "Imagine the cost savings!" 

The Genos Service is powered with TVME which is the next killer app which permits users to create their own television station at no cost irrespective of where they reside.Genos TV differs from the traditional cable or satellite service, since users need to pay only for the channels they chose. 

Calvin Azuri is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Calvin's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri