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Cable Technology Feature Article

June 04, 2010

701K Classic Tone & Probe Kit Arrives

By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor

The Tempo/Greenlee Classic 701K Classic Tone & Probe Kit is used by technicians to recognize single conductors or cables inside a bundle at a cross-connect point or at remote ends. This kit is now ready with Specialized Products Company for instant shipment to customers.
Recently, the significant features of the cable tester are published in the SPC 2010 Source (News - Alert) Book, www.specialized.net. It describes field service, repair solutions and the competitively priced 10,000 plus installation. Specialized Products Company has the most wide-ranging collection of off-the-shelf tool kit solutions. This is mainly intended for professional system integrators and installers in the world.
701K cable tester kit claims to be the top selling kit in the industry. It consists of a 77 HP tone generator having high power and a 200 EP inductive probe inside a 700C combo case. It also has a modular connector having two leads and clips.
Tempo 77 HP is used by technicians to send tone, test continuity and identify top and ring. The tone tracer provides +7 dBm (News - Alert) output via a low-resistance circuits. It can be received up to 50,000 feet. Tempo 200 EP is an inductive amplifier which does not require handset.
Features of Tempo 77 HP are as follows:
·         Used to test polarity
·         Used to test continuity
·         Capability to resist weather
·         Facility of talk battery supply
·         Enables selection of warble tone
·         Possess 24 in. test leads (clips)
·         Possess Line 1 modular test lead (Rj11)
·         Possess 3 color LED identifies AC ring voltage
Features of Tempo 200 EP are as follows:
·         Has a powerful two inch speaker
·         Can be operated with battery (9V not included)
·         Facility of LED for indication of visual signal strength
·         Facility of volume control for more accurate identification
·         Has an On/Off button with which battery life can be preserved
·         Has a powerful receiver gain for exact identification
·         Extremely helpful while using cable bundles that are fully packed and equipment rooms
·         Include recessed tabs for buttset or headset connection
Specialized Products Company has been providing more than 100 customizable industry-specific tool kits, shipping cases and test equipment since 1965.

Carolyn John is a Contributor to TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri