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Cable Technology Feature Article

June 24, 2010

Verizon Pushes 10 Gigabits per Second Through its Fiber-Optic Network

By Vinti Vaid, TMCnet Contributor

Ten gigabits per second milestone has successfully been achieved by Verizon (News - Alert) using FiOS, the operator’s fiber optics network.

In addition, the company had attained a push of 1 gigabit per second into one customer’s house.
This is a phenomenal influx of data which is speed that is a thousand times than the normal 10 Mbps connections in American homes today, the operator said.
The company has pushed through with the test in order to prove their theory that constructing a broad range network of fiber-optics will increase future sales, since the customer demands for band width overcome DSL and cable capabilities.
In the home of the customer, the ONT or optical network terminal made a reception to the 10/2.5 Gbps input and utilized dual information communication port in order to make a provision for transmitting speeds at the same time of near one Gbps to both of the customer’s home computers.
The combination of the dual ports accomplished a delivery of about 1.85 Gbps in bandwidth aggregate for each PC.
This test was created to be a simulation of what a couple of different clients may go through in the course of using their computers to upload, share or download files onto the internet when using a PON system that is 10G.
Additional tests were done to the speed test server of Verizon which were in a location four hundred miles away in Reston, Virginia. These speed tests had speeds of approximately 915 Mbps between the test server and the computer.
Verizon mentioned that this test had an input of four time more data through the FiOS (News - Alert) than it had before.
Currently, FiOS clients are not going to be receiving speeds of 1 Gbps anytime soon but can get 50 Mbps plan at the moment, for one hundred forty dollars per month.
Verizon recently announced one-month free FiOS service to existing customers.

Vinti Vaid is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Vinti's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri