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Cable Technology Feature Article

August 10, 2010

GenosTV's Virtual Cable Television Sets a New Standard for Cable TV Worldwide

By Rajani Baburajan, TMCnet Contributor

GenosTV, a subsidiary of the ShambroWest Corporation, announced it is seeking beta testers to ensure its virtual cable television services exceed consumers' expectations and its service and functionality sets a new standard for cable TV worldwide.

Earlier in May, the company announced it is creating the world's first, broadband pay television network that allows consumers to purchase the television channels that they want to watch rather than arbitrary bundles of channels in which they have no interest.

The company’s Cable Television service is VIRTUAL. It does not require GenosTV Cable Box for its service. Rather, it is merely a "Button" on the user interfaces of IP Connected Televisions Sets, Blue Ray Players, Cell Phones, and other IPTV (News - Alert) services.  Pandora, Internet radio, is an example of this distribution strategy.

Provided as a subscription service that can be accessed on personal computers, mobile devices and Internet-connected consumer electronic devices, GenosTV will be the first and only linear television service to take advantage of the growing installed base of platforms capable of running TV applications, according to company officials.

GenosTV can help television manufacturers realize revenue beyond the markup they receive on their hardware sales and turn their TV into recurring revenue. The same is true for other Internet-enabled consumer electronic devices, the company said.

The new strategy allows consumers to switch to Genos Cable TV without any upfront fees or new equipment and it gives Genos the distribution necessary to offer cable networks millions of new customers as they can reach "Off Net' consumers in rural areas and offer limited television services for under $10.00.

The GenosTV service is powered with TVME, which is the next killer app, which permits users to create their own television station at no cost irrespective of where they reside. Geno TV differs from the traditional cable or satellite service, since users need to pay only for the channels they chose. 

Rob Shambro, the company's chairman and CEO, said, “When researchers and analysts fully evaluate the impact of GenosTV on the consumers, how TVME gives everyone a stage, how the existing networks who have never had to market themselves have to change to survive, how the cable companies are going to have to change because consumers finally have a television provider alternative, cross pollination of international cable networks, new jobs and industries created and the effect on global advertising, they will see the massive impact that Genos has on media worldwide.”

“No one will ever admit it, but Genos has already effected every corner of the cable television industry and has saved consumers millions of dollars,” Shambro added.

Marc Diego, VP Corporate Development, a former graduate of UCLA, is spearheading a pre-launch of the service at the UCLA campus along with managing the collegiate marketing teams nationwide. GenosTV will launch its service at the Consumer Electronics Show, Jan. 6-9, 2011 in Las Vegas.    

“Our business model and January launch date has caused many companies to go back to the drawing board,” Shambro said. “Customers have been unhappy for so long and the first chance they get to switch to a solid alternative, they will. Remember when Orbitz and Travelocity eliminated the travel agent? That was nothing compared to the effect of GenosTV on the media sector.”

Rajani Baburajan is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Rajani's articles, please visit her columnist page.