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Exploring CX strategy and technology adoption: A decision-maker’s chart
1/18/2024 4:25:42 PM
Without the right customer experience strategy in place, you could be sacrificing customer loyalty, profitability, and overspending. Download our infographic to learn how to overcome common hurdles and try our handy checklist to get the most out of your CX strategy.

Transforming Customer Experience
1/18/2024 4:24:20 PM
Six Vital Projects to Help Improve CX
Customer engagement is a top priority at businesses—and for good reason. Consumers say they will tolerate three bad experiences before leaving the company for good. That may help to explain why 65% of companies had planned to increase their 2023 customer experience (CX) spending by an average of 24%, according to Metrigy’s 2023 Technology Spending Forecast global study of 400 companies.

CX and business leaders see customer engagement as an area ripe for transformation. In fact, 82.7% of companies have completed, are engaged in, or are planning a CX transformation project for 2023, according to Metrigy’s Customer Experience Optimization: 2023-24 global study of 641 companies. These projects, as defined in the study, apply new or existing technology to improve agent and/or customer experience to drive positive business value. Find out More…

RingCentral RingCX overview
1/18/2024 4:22:31 PM
Rethink how your business creates great customer experiences. With RingCX’s intuitive, efficient, AI-first contact center, you’ll serve customers more efficiently with less effort. Read our product guide for more.

RingCentral RingCX Interactive Voice Response
1/18/2024 4:21:12 PM
Learn how RingCX’s interactive voice response capabilities can reduce customer wait times, speed up call resolution, and enable customer self-service.

RingCentral RingCX Analytics
1/18/2024 4:20:00 PM
Download the product guide to get a full view into the entire customer journey with detailed reporting and metrics. With these insights, you’ll be able to make more informed business decisions for better customer experiences and agent performance

RingCX Digital Engagement Datasheet
1/18/2024 4:18:29 PM
Turn into a customer-ready business with RingCX. Meet your customers on all the channels that matter with the AI-first, simple-to-use contact center that makes smarter customer experiences easy.

An introduction to AI in customer service
11/1/2023 12:03:00 PM
Artificial intelligence (AI) adoption has risen dramatically in the customer service industry over the last few years. But many contact centers have yet to implement AI. In this ebook, we give an introduction to how customer service leaders are using AI to improve their customer experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) adoption has risen dramatically in the customer service industry over the last few years. But many contact centers have yet to implement AI. In this ebook, we give an introduction to how customer service leaders are using AI to improve their customer experience.

5 ways AI can transform your customer experience
11/1/2023 11:59:45 AM
AI has become a sophisticated tool to enhance both agent and customer experiences. Learn the top ways that AI is transforming how businesses deliver customer service in our new ebook.

The processes and tools used to deliver customer service may change rapidly, but one thing remains the same: providing a stellar customer experience requires understanding what customers want and providing it to them.

The Cloud, Infra, and Security Landscape for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
3/20/2023 1:15:34 PM
To deliver software products at digital speed and stay relevant, ISVs are relying on multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures which can be difficult to architect, monitor, and manage. And once you commit to cloud first, your teams may run into resource bandwidth and security challenges that impede rigorous observability and optimization.

Developing a systematic cloud strategy that goes beyond migration and addresses the unique requirements of shared security, cloud native development and optimization will help ensure your desired business outcomes.

In this POV, Jay Kashyap, Xoriant SVP & GM Cloud, Infrastructure and Security practice, shares his views on how a systematic cloud adoption framework can help ISVs conquer the cloud.

- Discover key drivers, facts and figures tested across multiple projects to help ISVs
- Develop a systematic approach and methodology leveraging modern tools and technologies to help ISVs maximize their cloud investment
- Leverage cloud providers’ advanced services and innovations to leapfrog and competition
- Arm yourself with field-tested to-do’s that help avoid pitfalls and make future-proof decisions at every stage – from Cloud Enablement to Security and Optimization

Five Ways to Reduce the Cost and Complexity of File Sharing
11/12/2021 2:50:38 PM
The legacy file server is dead! Have clients that are looking to replace their file servers? Looking for a solution that is easy to deploy and manage?

In this ebook Egnyte shares 5 ways you can reduce the cost and complexity of file sharing.

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