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Next-Gen Cloud Contact Centers For Dummies®, RingCentral Special Edition

Company Name: RingCentral


In this book, find out how a next-gen cloud contact center
can help your organization deliver the experiences your customers
demand, what a modern cloud contact center looks like, and
how you can implement the contact center of the future in your
organization today.

About This Book

Next-Gen Cloud Contact Centers For Dummies, RingCentral Special
Edition, consists of six chapters that explore the following:
- The evolution of the contact center, different use cases, and
the benefits of a next-gen cloud contact center (Chapter 1)
- The changing world of work, communication, and collaboration
(Chapter 2)
- Next-gen cloud contact center technologies (Chapter 3)
- The value of analytics for your contact center (Chapter 4)
- How to get started with a next-gen cloud contact center
(Chapter 5)
- Key takeaways of your next-gen cloud contact center
(Chapter 6)

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