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Cable Technology Feature Article

May 23, 2012

RGB Networks Partners with BlackArrow

By Raju Shanbhag, TMCnet Contributor

RGB Networks has announced their sponsoring partnership with BlackArrow, a worldwide provider of advanced advertising solutions for New Television platforms, to provide targeted ad delivery for their users.

The new partnership has allowed both companies to create a standards-based, “TV everywhere” advertising solution that facilitates video service providers (VSP) to distribute specific ads to individual viewers watching live or on-demand programming on connected TVs, PCs, smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. The solution makes use of Ad Insertion technology.

RGB provides two high-density, multi-function product families that assist users in creating advertising revenue—the compact Broadcast Network Processor (News - Alert) (BNP) family and the carrier-class Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG)—both offer the processing power and scalability to cater to the demands of today's quickly evolving advertising environment.

RGB's products support SCTE 30 and SCTE 35 standards and are interoperable with the major digital program insertion (DPI) ad servers. Making them well-suited for both centralized and distributed ad insertion architectures, they also perform SCTE 30-to-SCTE 35 conversions to support digital ad insertion at the regional hub, the company stated in a press release.

“Targeted advertising is a proven revenue generator in the set-top world today, and with the solution pioneered by RGB and BlackArrow, service providers can now extend this successful model to the world of TV Everywhere, delivering hyper-targeted ads to smartphones, PCs, tablets, connected TVs and virtually any other device that receives premium video programming," said Ramin Farassat, vice president of Product Marketing and Business Development for RGB Networks.

Recently, TMC’s (News - Alert) Nathesh reported that the company’s TransAct Packager offers adaptive streaming for live and on-demand video delivery to tablets, mobile phones, PCs and set-top boxes in inexpensive, distributed deployment architecture. The solution has now been combined with new, “just-in-time” packaging (JITP) abilities to reduce storage and bandwidth costs and simplify VOD, NDVR and TV everywhere, Nathesh reported.

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