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Cable Technology Feature Article

May 29, 2012

IDEAL Industries Ships New NaviTEK II Testing Device

By Devin Lavery, TMCnet Contributor

San Diego network testing device manufacturer IDEAL Industries Networks has shipped its first order of the new NaviTEK II Frontline IT tool. The device is built for IT professionals and is designed to make network testing more efficient, employing a wide range of features usually only available on more expensive units.

The NaviTEK II Frontline is a handheld network and cable verifier tester that can be used to make both active and passive tests on copper and fiber networks. Five-way navigation buttons and a color LCD screen add to the functionality of the device, and data can be entered through the use of an on-screen keyboard. The NaviTEK II also includes substantial memory and storage capabilities as up to 250 sets of test results and reports can be stored within the device, eliminating the need to transfer information over to a computer. 

Ping and Traceroute functions are included to provide information on transit of messages, as well as DHCP for configuration. Moreover, both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported. Network information can be acquired and testing can be performed on both internet protocol versions simultaneously. 

Netscan is supported as well, allowing the user to quickly discover network nodes in IPv4 and IPv6. Both cable and network performance can be tested within the RJ45 interface. This effectively eliminates the need to unplug the cable from the unit to go between cable and network tests. VLAN interface is also supported. Cable testing is made easier through a pin by pin wiremap, allowing technicians to find faults quickly and more accurately.

The new testing device is now available through all major electronic and datacomm distributors.  

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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