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June 01, 2012

Sam Neill to Star in New Cox Business Ads to Promote Company's Technology Services

By Deborah Hirsch, TMCnet Contributor

I must confess I did not see “Jurassic Park” or any of its sequels, so when I heard the name “Sam Neill,” it meant nothing to me.

Then I Googled him, and now I see why Cox Communications is using him in its brand new campaign for Cox Business (News - Alert).

Blond and craggy-faced, the actor will grace two ads, one set at a university campus and the other at a regional hospital, trying to put a stamp on Cox Business' ability “to meet the complex and specialized needs of larger organizations within technology advanced industries.”

Cox Business has been using Neill for some time. In 2011, according to the company, he “starred” in a campaign called "Landmarks," which featured iconic U.S. locations meant to represent “the strength, flexibility and reliability of Cox Business, Cox Communications' $1 billion division that provides telecommunications services for more than 275,000 business customers.”

The healthcare TV spot places Neill at a local hospital, where he demonstrates the wide variety of clinical and administrative functions that Cox's cable network makes possible in a hospital or clinic setting. He walks from operating rooms, to the lobby and patient rooms, talking Cox Business’ ability to support high-resolution imaging and real-time remote diagnosis, electronic medical records management, critical voice communications and in-patient video services – all vital components of today’s technologically-up-to-date hospital.

High-resolution imaging includes everything from EKGs to MRIs, procedures a hospital cannot be without, while real-time remote diagnosis involves the transmission of medical data to medical professionals no matter where they or the patients are. 

Especially important today with the Affordable Care Act – and its mandate that all medical providers move from paper to digital health records – is the ability to support electronic records management, and this is another area where Cox provides services. 

And believe it or not, in-patient video services are important too. Think of the last time you were in or visited a patient at the hospital. Didn’t the TV and your ability to use your iPad ease the time spent there?

"Cox Business addresses diverse communications needs for some of the most technically complex organizations within the most innovative industries in the country," said Ken Kraft, vice president of Cox Business marketing. "The new ads visually demonstrate the depth and breadth of integration between Cox and large organizations within the markets we serve."

Companies use actors to promote their brands because many believe it makes their product “living and credible,” according to Charles Godbout. “Some experts call it a power to connect with the consuming public,” he wrote. “If the ideal star is employed to represent the product, his strong appeal can send a brand message without further statement.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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