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Cable Technology Feature Article

June 05, 2012

Get in the Know: New Cable Opportunities that Can Help Your Company Grow

By Jamie Epstein, TMCnet Web Editor

It was recently revealed within the cable and wireless industries that multiple cable operators have come together in order to form a coalition to power a national Wi-Fi network. This initiative will be a huge benefit to both the business services side as well as the residential end.

GENBAND (News - Alert), a company that boasts 500 team members that cater to customers in all parts of the world, installs countless IP ports globally and is touted as having the largest installed next-generation networking base within the industry.

 In regards to the potentially industry changing news, at The Cable Show 2012 which took place in Boston, Mass., Mark Pugerude (News - Alert), president of Global Sales and Marketing stated, “This is a big deal as cable operators do have something that is an overhang for them which are wireless strategies. What we think of the voice over Wi-Fi initiative is that this helps the cable operator actually deliver better quality voice over Wi-Fi services for things that are in the building themselves.”

He added, “When you think of a cable operator, they are used to deploying right out to the office and now they have this ability to have this wireless infrastructure all within the office as well as then this nationwide coalition to unify the user experience to go outside of the office.”

Pugerude’s company focuses heavily on creating software that enables that kind of technology to keep the same kind of call experience for all users in tact, in addition to the ability to have integrated dial plans and other things that make the cable operator overall a much more efficient service provider.

Seen as a combination of both a revenue generating service and value-added service, “I think they start off with it helps them to be more relevant as a supplier but then there is also this ability to do upsell all the way through because if you have an application kind of environment where you are access the telephony network with voice over Wi-Fi, you can bring all of the corporate resources all together on a single platform,” he concluded.

To find out more about how GENBAND is helping the cable vertical to expand, click here.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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