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June 25, 2012

TelVue Offers Electronic Program Guide to Promote Local Programming

By Melissa Warner, TMCnet Contributing Writer

In the digital age people want to know what they are watching before tuning in. Most consumers rely on guides built into the television or offered through cable providers. Though these services are available, any information that is not listed through the service cannot appear on the guide. Therefore some people avoid shows simply because they do not know what is on television and do not want to waste the time waiting to find out when tuning in.

TelVue Corporations offers a new automated electronic program guide (EPG) to its providers that transfers data between TelVue Princeton and HyperCaster digital broadcast servers. This new system offers a simplistic transfer service through the Minerva iTVFusion 5.3 TVoIP platform.

The main goal of EPG is to help promote local programming. The titles and information is updated in real time, making these shows DVR-recordable. In the past, the nonresistant program information made it difficult for viewers to know what exactly is on. The new information is intended to not only to inform, but attract viewers who will now know what they are watching.

Not only is the information useful to customers, but the EPG makes importing information into the Minerva platform simple. No additional fees are charged for custom data through the EPG provider. In the end, it even means that rates will not increase for consumers from these charges as well.

TelVue hopes that it will not only offer a way to connect with consumers, but help providers increase revenue through sales. "TelVue continues to empower local and hyperlocal programming by creating ways for operators to build value and earn revenue,” said TelVue CEO, Jesse Lerman in a press release. “By integrating and automating the EPG data transfer process with key industry suppliers, TelVue is taking big steps to maximize the marketing value of local programming for our customers.”

This news comes just two weeks after TelVue announced a new multi-Contributor local VOD services

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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