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July 24, 2012

ProTek Devices Unveils Numerous TVS Arrays

By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor

ProTek Devices has unveiled numerous transient voltage suppressor, or TVS, arrays, comprising of individual devices and families of devices. The TVS arrays will offer a countless number of configurations that will be perfect for embedded transient voltage protection in several applications like Ethernet, USB, smartphones and other portable electronics.

The TVS arrays unveiled by ProTek include; the GBLCSCxx and GBLSCxxC Series, GBLLC03 and GBLLC03C, GBLCxxI and GBLCxxCI Series, GBLCxxLC Series along with the GBLCSC08CLC and GBLC03CIHP.

Multilayered varistors, or MLVs, like the 0803 and its kind, can now be substituted with the TVS array, GBLCSC08CLC, which features an extremely low capacitance of only 0.4pF. Only available in a bidirectional configuration, this device is rated for 125 watts peak pulse power. The GBLCSCxx and GBLCSCxxC series can also be used instead of MLVs as they feature an extremely low capacitance of 1.5pF. With standoff voltages of three, five and eight volts, the GBLCSCxx and GBLCSCxxC series are offered in unidirectional and bidirectional configurations.

MLVs, like the 0805 and its kind, can be replaced with the GBLCxxI and GBLCxxCI and GBLCxxLC TVS arrays series, which feature very low capacitance of normally 0.6pF, except for the GBLCxxLC, which features capacitance of 0.8pF. Offered in both unidirectional and bidirectional configurations, these series are rated at 250 watts for an 8/20 micro second surge waveform. Compliant with the IEC (News - Alert) 61000-4-2 or ESD and IEC 61000-4-4 or EFT standards, the GBLCxxI and GBLCxxCI and GBLCxxLC series are capable of managing 10kV contact and 25kV air expulsion. These MLVs can also be substituted with the GBLC03CIHP, which features a very low capacitance of 0.6pF. Offered only in the bidirectional configuration, this device has been rated at 500 watts for an 8/20 micro second surge waveform.

Apart from fulfilling the RoHS and REACH requirements, these devices can shield one power or I/O port. The latest TVS arrays have also resolved the chief concerns of insertion loss and signal integrity, which occur at top operating frequencies or quicker edge rates.

While all the latest TVS arrays are perfect for Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base T, the GBLCSC08CLC, GBLCSC series and GBLLC03 and GBLLC03C will be ideal for applications associated with smartphones, portable electronics and USB.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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