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October 08, 2012

VIZ Media Selects TelVue Cloud Services for Neon Alley

By Raju Shanbhag, TMCnet Contributor

VIZ Media has selected TelVue's CloudCast service for the launch of Neon Alley, a new 24-hour programmed anime channel available exclusively on a popular Internet connected gaming system.

TelVue CloudCast is a hosted broadcasting solution that distributes the users’ video over the Internet to multiple screens. And to do this, the solution does not burden the user's’ bandwidth. For both live and VOD Internet delivery, TelVue CloudCast brings together an embeddable player that integrates into the users’ own websites. The player enhances a company’s branding with features such as logo placement, color palette selection and click-through banner rotations. 

The Neon Alley 24x7 Channel is making use of TelVue's cloud-based Virtual Broadcast Facility to beam it content. Neon Alley will broadcast a large volume of anime content, which is dubbed in English and uncut. Also the company plans to beam these programs in HD when they are available. Users will also get a subscription-based service. This service will be have limited commercial advertising, the company has announced.

“The launch of Neon Alley on TelVue CloudCast marks the beginning of the future of broadcasting from the cloud," said Jesse Lerman, president and CEO of TelVue. "The TelVue hosted broadcasting solution makes it possible for VIZ Media to manage an entire channel without having to support any of its own broadcasting hardware.”

Looking to cover half of its trail for commercial longform services, the company recently expanded deployment of the trademarked HyperCasterIP broadcast servers. The corporation’s HyperCaster now obtain numerous important advantages that provide Charter an opportunity to enhance on the revenue of commercial longform services. Offering an exact opposite of the traditional broadcast systems, the HyperCaster’s IP outputs save up to 75 percent in capex, headend, rack space and power consumptions.

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