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Cable Technology Feature Article

October 11, 2012

Active Broadband's Enhanced Software Ensures Precise IPDR Data

By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor

Active Broadband Networks has released an improved version of its software used mainly by cable operators. With the latest release, cable operators are offered enhanced visibility into the reliability of Internet protocol detail record or IPDR data, gathered from Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS) in DOCSIS networks.

IPDR information is normally used by cable operators to calculate Internet use by subscribers in a reliable manner. Internet utilization is used by cable operators in several broadband service management applications, including utilization metering and usage-based costing. It is imperative for the IPDR information to be precise as the cable operators use the information for calculating, controlling and monetizing the rising Internet utilization.

In a statement, Israel Madiedo, chief technology officer at Cablevision Mexico said, "We rely on highly accurate subscriber usage data for the usage metering and traffic management applications we have deployed using the Active Resource Manager. Active Broadband has demonstrated leadership in policy-based broadband service management based on their extensive experience working with IPDR data."

IPDR information from CMTSs is gathered, processed and stored by Active Broadband's Active Resource Manager (ARM (News - Alert)). Apart from time normalization and usage data mediation, which are mainly carried out as part of IPDR processing, ARM carries out several tests and cross-tests confirming the entirety and accuracy of IPDR information.

ARM therefore identifies irregularities which can calculate Internet usage data erroneously.

The improved ARM software incorporates a synchronized dashboard, which offers operators increased visibility into these defects. Cable operators can view and store information associated with each defect into a database. The dashboard can access this data and provide information regarding particular devices and IPDRs related to the defect.

"Active Broadband has years of experience with IPDR data management in some of the world's largest broadband networks, and we have designed our software to ensure IPDR data integrity,” said Chris Gunner, CTO at Active Broadband Networks. “With broadband providers now moving to usage-based services predicated on the accuracy of IPDR data, we have enhanced our software to increase visibility into the detection and causes of IPDR data anomalies."

Edited by Braden Becker

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