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October 29, 2012

Armstrong Cable Providing Anti-Obama Documentary for Free in Swing States

By Shankar Pandiath, TMCnet Contributor

The controversial documentary, “2016: Obama’s America” will soon be broadcast in swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania according to Think Progress, an American political blog.

A major cable provider, Armstrong Cable, is offering the notorious anti-Obama movie to all its subscribers for free. Armstrong Cable operates in six states including critical swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. This move of Armstrong cable has come just days after the Chairman of the Board of Armstrong Cable donated thousands of dollars to the Republican National Committee and to Mitt Romney’s campaign for presidency.

Movie studios gave fans two major releases in Premium Rush and Hit & Run the same weekend of the documentary’s release, but the anti-Obama film managed to trample the films bringing in $6.2 million after expanding from limited to nationwide release.

"Obama's America" is based on the book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage," written by conservative author Dinesh D'Souza, who co-directed the movie with John Sullivan.

The film was debunked by fact –checkers and received scathing reviews. The documentary aims to link the president with radical international politics. Dinesh D’ Souza, the embattled right winger, was well received by the box office. The film claims that Obama’s views were shaped by his largely absent, but radical Kenyan father who was anti-Christian, anti-colonist and anti-white.

What's happening is that people are really hungry for new information about Obama. D’Souza said that there really is this sense that he remains an elusive figure. He added that then there's a second sense that the American dream is in the balance, the American dream is at stake, and that gives people a sense of anxiety about where the country is going.

The Washington Post called the documentary “fear –mongering of the worst kind.” It reports that the film’s message amounts to “Obama hates America.”

“This is the first time the cable provider has offered such a deal for a recently released feature film,” an Armstrong executive boasted in an interview with the Pittsburgh City Paper.

The state of the economy has been the main topic of bi-partisan interest and the POTUS is taking notice. People think and say that the economy is not as good as it should be and it's all due to Obama, the president said during a campaign stop earlier in the month.  He added that they expect you to have amnesia and not remember who it is that got us into the mess.

According to Think Progress, Armstrong Cable is available in over 50 towns and cities in 10 Ohio counties.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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