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November 20, 2012

Google TV Gets an Update with New Voice Search Allowing You to Simply Speak to Watch Anything

By David Gitonga, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Google (News - Alert) says you are about to get a whole new experience with Google TV with its recently updated version. Launched in 2010, Google TV’s major setback to its widespread adoption has been its often-criticized user experience. Even the Honeycomb update last year seemed to fall short of user expectations.

Google TV gives users years worth of programming with everything from cable to Neflix, YouTube (News - Alert) and tens of thousands of television shows all available on Google Play. While Google offers access to all this content, the challenge has been finding a way to enable people to watch it without the dialogue boxes, cryptic error messages, controllers and dozens of buttons that made the whole experience frustrating.

According to Google engineers, the recent updates come with plenty of improvements and the new product iteration will be useful in, supposedly, three ways. These are: a powerful voice search feature, a redesigned on-screen guide and improved sharing from mobile devices. First-generation Google TV products like LG televisions will get the redesigned guide first and will have easier YouTube sharing only before Google rolls out the update on second-generation and future Google TV products.

According to Rishi Chandra, director of product management for Google TV, the move from limited choice to unlimited choice with the new Google TV iteration will enable the ability to access all this great content in a really easy way. The new search feature has Google engineers excited. The search feature is able to pull up content, by use of a microphone concealed inside the LG television remote, allowing you to navigate a wide world of programming with a few spoken words. The search feature is able to not only search individual pieces of content but also group items together. For example, when you search for “Pixar movies,” Google TV is able to pull out everything from Toy Story to Brave. The idea is to offer an experience on top of live TV and revolutionize your traditional TV watching experience.

Ready for PrimeTime? If you are on Google TV, you likely are because Google has also renamed its onscreen guide to “PrimeTime,” giving you a dynamic and updated list of suggested programming preferences based on your past watching history and those like you. All these efforts show a company trying to get TV right this time around. Google can only hope that its recent efforts resonate with its consumers.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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