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December 04, 2012

Time Warner Cable Now Using WeFi's WeANDSF Technology to Enhance its Wi-Fi Service Offering

By David Gitonga, TMCnet Contributing Writer

The industry’s most comprehensive network management solution for wireless carrier mobile data offloading and cable MSO mobile Internet onloading, WeANDSF, has been deployed together with Time Warner (News - Alert) Cable’s TWC Wi-Fi service.

Time Warner Cable has now assured its subscribers of the best possible wireless connection, following the successful deployment of the management solution by WeFi.

WeFi (News - Alert), the company behind the patented WeANDSF technology, and responsible for the deployment, was pleased to be working with one of the largest cable operators in North America. According to the CEO at WeFi, Zur Feldman (News - Alert), TWC’s extensive evaluation of WeFi’s WeANDSF solution “is a validation of the importance and breadth of our technology.” 

Feldman said the increasing demand for mobile data services created by wireless broadband and faster mobile devices, together with fierce competition for subscriber increase, moved TWC to consider this network management technology.

This exponential increase and the impact of the end user experience on revenue cannot be overstated.

The SVP Corporate Development at Time Warner Cable, Mike Roudi, said TWC’s evaluation of the management toolset from WeFi, together with the powerful Wi-Fi network planning tool, “is giving great insights on where best to deploy our Wi-Fi hotspots. WeFi analyzes massive amounts of real-time data on Wi-Fi hotspot locations and conditions and gives TWC real-time feedback on the quality of the Wi-Fi networks. This data is crucial for TWC Wi-Fi to deliver the best possible mobile Internet service.”

Originally developed to intelligently manage mobile device offloading from saturated networks to available Wi-Fi networks, WeFi’s WeANDSF solution was later adapted to manage data traffic onloading for cable operators to super-fast Wi-Fi services.

The solution optimizes data traffic and utilizes TWC Wi-Fi public hotspots together with millions of other public Wi-Fi spots, home and office networks.

The WeANDSF service will also allow TWC to set network management policies and priorities, enabling the company to offer the best-in-class wireless data services.

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