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Cable Technology Feature Article

December 11, 2012

Time Warner's SignatureHome Looks to Make Cable the Gold Standard Again

By Steve Anderson, Contributing TMCnet Writer

In recent months, cable television has not been having a good time of things. With people looking to replace cable with online sources, and having an increasingly large number of options with which to do so, cable is looking like a past time in the great stable of entertainment sources. But cable isn't taking this sea change lying down, and so Time Warner (News - Alert) is hosting a special demonstration event of its new SignatureHome system for the Rio Grande Valley Wednesday, December 12 at the Quinta Mazatlan.

Billed as "more than cable, it's a lifestyle", Time Warner's SignatureHome system is a complete communications suite all in one package. Users stepping up to the SignatureHome system will get their hands on over 180 channels' worth of video and a hefty a 50 Mb/s Internet package. This sounds good by itself, of course, but things only go up from there thanks to an array of less traditional offerings like the company's "Internet On The Go" system, an iPad app with further features like controlling the also-included whole-house DVR system, digital phone with unlimited nationwide calling, and a customer service department that's specifically designed to be the best of the best.

How good is the customer service for SignatureHome? Well, it's not only available around the clock any day of the week, but it also comes with technicians that wear "shoe booties" when they come in the house, ensuring that not a speck of outside dirt is tracked in with them.

Naturally, this top-notch level of service comes with a top-notch price tag (News - Alert), starting at $199.99 a month, and is currently available only in Texas, though that may expand outward from there. The launch event will even have Pro Football Hall of Fame Legend Michael Irvin in attendance, showing off some of the new hardware and features of the SignatureHome system.

It's not hard to look at this and think that; maybe, Time Warner is solving the wrong problem. The problem wasn't so much that those of sufficient means to drop $2,400 a year on television and Internet bills wanted better options in their cable service, the problem was that a lot of regular people were regarding cable as an unnecessary expense, to be supplanted by things like Netflix and Hulu (News - Alert) Plus' video streaming solutions. It's also unclear just what kind of data cap Time Warner's planning to put on this super-fast 50 Mb/s service, or how it will ever hope to hold up should Google (News - Alert) decide to launch Google Fiber anywhere else but Kansas City. After all, what does it matter how fast the Internet goes if it has a maximum speed limit for the month? It's like leasing a sports car with an incredibly low mileage rate; what point in a super-fast Bugatti Veyron when you can only drive it 50 miles a month?

Still though, for those who want the best in cable television, it does seem unlikely that better than SignatureHome will be found any time soon. Though there likely will be many wondering if the hefty price tag on SignatureHome will be worth the expense.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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