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January 16, 2013

MEDL Mobile to Turn App Incubator Platform into a Television Show

By Jyothi Shanbhag, TMCnet Contributor

The App Incubator, an application introduced back in 2009 by MEDL Mobile, will soon be turned into a television show. This was revealed by the company after it signed a new partnership agreement with EUE/Sokolow and Producer Damon Harman.

"Demand for our App Incubator continues to be strong with new ideas coming in every day," said Dave Swartz, MEDL Mobile president and chief creative officer, in a statement. "But what's more fascinating than the ideas themselves are the people behind them. Television is the perfect medium to bring the Incubator to life in a big way."

The company has already received more than 125,000 app submissions, has developed dozens of apps from the Incubator and also reached as high as number one download on the Apple (News - Alert) App Store. Many news outlets such as CNBC, ABC, FOX, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The LA Times, Forbes, CNN and The BBC have mentioned the Incubator as well as the apps it has created.

Sam Sokolow, president of EUE/Sokolow added, "The App Incubator TV Show is a high stakes competition but it’s also a great platform for telling meaningful stories, experiencing people's digital dreams and organically building online and mobile communities through the apps the show launches. The show will be a home run on so many levels."

The TV show is scheduled to be aired by mid year will feature ordinary people with extraordinary ideas for the next killer app. In addition, a special panel of technology luminaries will work with contestants during each episode to narrow down the choices until one app is chosen for production each week.

MEDL Mobile is a specialist developer, accumulator and publisher of an extensive number of mobile applications designed to deliver specific functions for Apple and Android platforms. The company’s client list includes names such as Monster.com, The New York Times , Teleflora, Telefonica (News - Alert) and Medtronic.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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