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February 20, 2013

never.no Unveils Television Solutions with Hybrid TV's Virtual Set and Augmented Reality Technology

By Shankar Pandiath, TMCnet Contributor

never.no, the pioneer Social TV provider, recently formed a partnership with Hybrid TV.

Hybrid TV is a company touted as powering reality technology and virtual sets that offer interactive and integrated television solutions to the broadcast industry. The joint abilities of these two companies allow broadcasters to combine Social TV capabilities with strong production technology that is all set to increase viewer participation.

Lars Lauritzsen, chief executive officer of never.no believes that viewer interaction in a real-time setting is an ideal concept related to augmented reality application and virtual sets. The integration of hybrid TV brings a new addition to its growing list of partners. He feels that their future now seems bright since it increases the capability of Social TV to encompass extending broadcasters for a greater reach.

The Interactivity Suite (IS) of never.no integrates with augmented real-time technology and Hybrid TV and allows audiences to get involved in real-time participation, using a second screen device. This hot new technology is going to add an interactivity element to real-time TV viewing and increase audience participation for the better. The content of social media, which includes Facebook (News - Alert) comments and audience tweets will now get moderation through cloud-based technology from never.no. This easy-to-use system harvests content from Facebook pages or Twitter (News - Alert) accounts from broadcasters and integrates it effortlessly with the virtual set of Hybrid TV directly.

On the virtual set of Hybrid TV, this content is available through real-time multiple graphic formats that include social tickers, video screens on virtual plane, graphic automatic pop-ups, touchscreens, and 3-D shapes. Besides these solutions, broadcasters can use polling real-time features of never.no that help to engage audience using broadcast content. It also allows program enrichment since broadcasters can know in real-time how the audiences are receiving the content presented. This is possible through the review of feedback and viewer opinions. Ultimately, this process and continuous interactivity increases quality of programs and add to the whole experience of TV viewing.

Olivier Cohen, the chief executive officer of Hybrid TV is of the opinion that the  future of broadcasting involves increasing the interactivity level to such a degree that the audience can directly interact with presented content. It is going to be both challenging as well as an interesting turn of events as indicated by this partnership between Hybrid TV and never.no. Their aim is to make the viewer messages in social media one of the key components of producing content.

A demonstration of this integration of never.no with a virtual set of hybrid TV is to occur from April 8-11, at the NAB Show 2013 in Las Vegas. At this demonstration, never.no is going to display its social TV and IS solutions for the benefit of those interested.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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