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March 04, 2013

Dijit Media Acquires GoMiso, Intends to Redefine Social TV

By Shankar Pandiath, TMCnet Contributor

Dijit Media, a startup that is trying to be a game-changer and is transforming the way people discover and experience TV shows and movies, is now delving deeper in to social TV and has acquired GoMiso, the maker of the Miso, SideShows and Quips social TV products.

As a result, Dijit TV will now have more options to add to and improve social TV, which is about using connected devices to enjoy you TV viewing experience by sharing it with others. Social TV is an attempt to find the show you want to watch with people you want to watch it with. It hopes to solve the problem of having multitude of viewing choices with so many cable, satellite and Internet channels, but having nobody to watch a show with.

GoMiso’s Quips app and service will soon be shut down, post-acquisition. However, GoMiso’s Miso and Sideshow products will remain untouched and will get Dijit’s support.

Ten employees work at Dijit and GoMiso’s sole employee is founder Somrat Niyogi, who will be joining Dijit as an advisor.

Jeremy Toeman, the chief executive of Dijit Media said Miso was the first to define the rapidly increasing social TV space and soon became a major market contributor. He added that it has built the most powerful TV guide and discovery platform for both consumers and the TV industry and that this acquisition will provide more tools to give users a guide experience that redefines how people discover content.

Niyogi said they began the journey of inventing social TV over three years ago, and he felt that Dijit is the right home for its users and the platforms that they built. He added that there’s a lot that they learned from consumers and the ever-changing nature of TV, and felt that the NextGuide platform is all set for huge growth ahead.

Dijit’s NextGuide helps you sort out the content that you might like to watch based on your interest and brings all the different services like HuluPlus, iTunes and Netflix together. NextGuide collects and forms a mosaic of tiles on your iPad’s touchscreen and can provide categories and subcategories of content based on your choice and preference. It can also deliver alerts, has search capability and can also record favorite shows on the home DVRs of DirecTV (News - Alert) customers.

It ultimately sorts the confusion and answers the question, “What should I watch next?” as it brings all your choice on your touchscreen. All you need to do it just tap on the screen and you don’t get to waste time searching for the next thing to see.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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