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Cable Technology Feature Article

March 12, 2013

Argentina's CableMAX, Las Rosas Cablevision, Invest in OTT, Streaming

By Tara Seals, TMCnet Contributor

When it comes to over-the-top (OTT) and streaming content, South America is becoming increasingly important as a growth market, spurring investment in broadband infrastructure on the part of the carriers in the region. For instance, two of Argentina’s pay-TV providers, CableMAX and Las Rosas Cablevision, are both planning to better support IP-based multiscreen video delivery by implementing a caching system, which will allow it to store IP content closer to consumers.

“While many vendors talk about Europe and Asia as the regions of the world they are expanding into, Latin America is going to quickly become the next go to hot spot,” said Dan Rayburn, an analyst at Streaming Media. “In specific countries like Brazil and others, online video consumption has increased significantly in recent years.”

Implementing caching, in this case via PeerApp’s UltraBand transparent caching platform, the two Argentinean operators can minimize the length of the unmanaged routes that Web content would need to travel, thus bolstering improved video delivery quality while reducing associated network load and costs.

"Increasingly, the content that our subscribers consume originates from all over the Spanish-speaking world and from North America," said Lucas Bartorelli, president of Las Rosas Cablevision. "With UltraBand, we can deliver this content with the same quality as if it had originated locally."

CableMAX serves the city of Arequito, while Las Rosas Cablevision serves the city of Las Rosas. For both operators, broadband Internet service has become a growing part of their business and therefore the quality of their broadband service is critical to their brands, they said.

 In Argentina, Streaming Media reported that the country has a 64-percent Internet penetration rate with 26.6 million users, with an average broadband speed of 3.33Mbps.

"Our subscribers are continuing to demand more from our network," said Norberto Bertero, president of CableMAX. "UltraBand is part of our network strategy to ensure quality, reduce churn and manage network costs."

Such upgrades are likely to remain the norm. Throughout Latin America, Streaming Media expects local government to invest $9 billion in broadband in the next four years. And the ROI on the efforts extend beyond simple broadband subscription growth and churn reduction.

People in Latin America spent $3.62 billion in digital ads in 2012 – a 112-percent increase in just four years. In 2013, Latin America will be No. 2 in the world in digital ad spend, the firm said.

PeerApp's UltraBand transparent caching platform speeds content delivery and reduces network load by automatically detecting popular content and storing and delivering it from the network edge. UltraBand reportedly accelerates content delivery by four to 10 times, while reducing transit bandwidth and network infrastructure costs by 40 percent.

Edited by Braden Becker

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