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March 18, 2013

Nutan.TV Serves Up Bollywood On-Demand

By Tara Seals, TMCnet Contributor

Fans of Bollywood, rejoice! Knetik Media is launching an online video-on-demand (VOD) website called Nutan.TV, devoted to bringing Southeast Asian fare to a global audience.

Nutan.TV focuses on “mega-serials,” which are (usually Tamil) soap operas, movies and Bollywood entertainment news, along with niche programming from smaller content providers. In all, it offers about 500 media programs. And, looking to serve niche audiences, the content is delivered in a wide range of Indian languages, not just Hindi, including Malayalam and Urdu.

“Consumers receive programming with Nutan.TV that they can't get anywhere else and/or on their schedule,” the company said. “Instead of waiting to watch content on program feeds based in different countries and time zones, users can access all kinds of programs when and where they want.”

The service is supported through a monthly subscription fee for users, but Knetik didn’t release the pricing.

Besides the Web portal, the service has apps for smartphones and tablets. In some markets, Nutan.TV is working with regional partners to market the video streaming service by bundling the service with the sale of handheld devices, smart TVs and set-top boxes, and PCs, via key marketing retail outlets. This strategy is mainly being employed in the Middle East and North Africa.

Knetik Media is a U.S. company that makes an over-the-top (OTT) platform for serving video, along with media portal production and management, and online gaming portal services. The launch of Nutan.TV marks the company’s first foray beyond service providers, using its platform to itself go direct-to-consumer with longtail niche content. If successful, the company plans to extend the strategy to other ethnic-focused services

"Nutan.TV will showcase the full capabilities of the Knetik platform as we acquire regionally niche content, and distribute it worldwide," said CEO Shane Robinett. "We expect to expand this concept to other underserved content niches in the coming months."

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