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April 02, 2013

Organizations Still Unprepared for the Future of Consumer Access, Says NetBiscuits

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

Netbiscuits (News - Alert), a provider of software solutions for adaptive web development, said that its quarterly web trends report indicated that many organizations are still not prepared for the future of consumer access.

Web traffic in the future won’t be decided by conventional factors alone as consumers usually tend to prefer new emerging devices and technologies to access the web. Tablet Web traffic increases by 52 percent in six months, while Android (News - Alert) device profile doubles around the world. Cheaper plug-and-play digital cameras are now capable of supporting FullHD video and consumers are using them in their video chats which should definitely increase web traffic even more.

In order to counter the ever changing Web trends and to keep customer satisfaction at higher levels, organizations should look to deploy a multi-screen, multi-channel strategy that can help them develop consistent Web experiences designed to meet the growing expectations of consumers across all devices. They should also equip themselves to cater to customers’ demand for ‘constant connection’ on any device.

Michael Neidhoefer, CEO at Netbiscuits commented, “This evidence creates a serious challenge for brands, as more devices come in numerous different technologies, sizes and configurations. Without adopting a fully future-proofed multi-screen multi-channel approach, companies risk falling behind and ultimately wasting money and losing consumers.”

NetBiscuits’ report also revealed that 4G and NFC-capable devices are seeing tremendous market penetration; and companies that don’t rearrange their strategy to accommodate these changes are in danger of disappointing customers and losing their business to competitors.

Neidhoefer added, “The Web is not ‘going mobile’, it is already mobile. However this journey is fragmented rather than linear. As the range of devices people are using to access the mobile Web continues to spiral, it’s absolutely crucial brands ensure they deliver an adaptive universal Web experience accessible by everyone. Those that do will thrive, those that do not will fall by the wayside as their customers look to their competitors to fulfill their needs.”

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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