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April 04, 2013

Cogeco's Interactive Rovi Apps Augur Fuller Entertainment Experience

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet Contributor

COGECO Cable, Inc. and Rovi Corporation are apparently on the same wavelength, bent on delivering customers a fuller and more satisfying entertainment experience, as well as a new ‘browse and discover experience’ that is in tune with their evolving lifestyles and habits.

The launch of two new interactive applications – Cogeco remote recorder and TotalGuide xD – have reportedly been developed from Rovi's family of interactive guides, which combines rich TV listings with rich images and multimedia.

They will thus ensure that Cogeco's subscribers are provided a unique, interactive and engaging entertainment discovery experience.

Cogeco Remote Recorder is a Web-based app connected to the Cogeco service, while Rovi TotalGuide xD is an iPad app that powers the discovery, delivery, display and monetization of digital entertainment. With the help of Rovi media, consumers can check out programs, see what’s on, find information, and uncover new and dynamic content and related shows.

Within the TotalGuide xD app, which supports both Canadian French and English, subscribers can further personalize their service with their favorite networks. They can easily schedule a remote recording from both apps, view and modify scheduled recordings, and even switch to see scheduled recordings on a different PVR in case there’s more than one.

The current launch, stated to be the first of its kind to commercially launch TotalGuide xD with remote record capability, will provide subscribers with even greater access to Cogeco Cable's industry leading digital entertainment products and services.

"Our subscribers are going to appreciate the convenience of using their portable tablets and enjoy the new sleek, graphically rich design of the Cogeco Cable portal, as they engage in a fuller and more satisfying entertainment experience," noted Ron Perrotta, vice president of marketing and strategic planning at Cogeco Cable.

However, both the interactive apps will require user authentication in order to access the Cogeco service to connect with their PVR. Once the subscriber is signed in at the Rovi interface, it switches over to a Cogeco-branded experience.

Cogeco and Rovi have been busy these past few months integrating and testing both apps on the Cogeco platform.

According to Bob Shallow, senior vice president, worldwide service provider, entertainment and retailer sales and marketing at Rovi, big plans are in the works to bring new innovative product capabilities to the market, making it easier for people to connect, discover and enjoy their entertainment.

Edited by Braden Becker

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